During our goals, it is possible for us to lose track. From the excuses, we make up to doubts and hesitations. As I’ve said many times before the list of possibilities for us to stop our goals is excessive.

But one other piece of advice that I think about that helps is actually something my accountability partner reminded me. Yesterday I struggled to find a client I could pitch to as part of my goal for this month. He said to not worry and do one thing…

Pivot, but don’t lose track of your goal.

It’s a simple piece of advice, but it definitely speaks volumes when you think about it. So if you ever feel stuck, don’t be afraid to pivot and not lose track. There are some merits to consider when doing it.

Pivot, But Don't Lose Track

New Solutions/Opportunities

One of the biggest things about pivoting your goals is the fact that new solutions and opportunities present themselves. Take the goal that I’m trying to achieve this month.

I’d like to be pitching to a number of people this month and yesterday was the first day I slipped up. I couldn’t really find any ads that struck my fancy.

So what did I do?

Instead of losing track, I pivoted and made the decision to expand my search. Considering my focus has been on a few groups on Facebook, I decided to stretch it out to a few groups.

I even considered looking at other social media platforms.

And sure this isn’t a revolutionary tactic, but often times in our goals we focus so much time and energy to achieving the goal. We’ll do whatever it takes to brute force it and make our goal happen. It’s not common for us to pause and think about and even check our progress.

Pivoting or considering the option to pivot is key because it reminds us to pause and consider our goal.

Can we achieve this goal faster or better than what we’re doing now?

Now that we’ve attempted this goal how do we feel about the specific actions and the goal itself?

I feel that these are essential as goals challenge us to think about ourselves and our methods. This only helps us improve our ability to achieve goals and set proper goals for ourselves.

We Discover Something Powerful

But one particular beauty that I like about pivoting is the opportunity to find something powerful. While changing gears a bit isn’t anything surprising, the new avenue that we pursue can be an eye-opening experience. Not to mention exciting as well.

I kind of stress that in a recent article about books. How reading books constantly doesn’t always help us much in achieving our goals. For sure books help a lot in many ways, but many don’t choose to apply the information.

But to expand on my points made in that article, the act of avoiding books can be revolutionary. The reason I argue that is that you’re no longer absorbing information and instead focusing on the questions that matter the most. Particularly…

How can I apply this information in my life?

For many people that’s challenging as I expressed that people, in general, have difficulty bridging the gap. However, when we pivot, we can focus our energy on applying that information. Finding the best way for us to use that information and achieve our goals.

This same principle applies in all manner of things in terms of our goals. We may realize we don’t like a method so we pivot. As a result, we find a new track that’s better and helps us thrive more.

And all we need to do is remind ourselves that it’s okay to pivot and make changes along the way.

See Things Differently

But the overall theme of pivoting is the fact you’re seeing things from a different angle. This is meaningful because how we take action and how we see the world is different from person to person.

We need to have an open mind that every person is different. Not to mention people will do things differently to achieve the same goal.

It all comes down to preferences.

But the thing is when we pivot, we allow ourselves to recognize this and it is powerful. We become more accepting of other methods and viewpoints. In fact, we may be more curious about learning why they do this or think this way. This is the basis of starting relationships and bonds.

After all, we know how disconnecting it can be when people say you’re doing something wrong. Like a manager barking at their employees that they’re doing something wrong, even if how they do it is natural for them.

In the end, pivoting allows us to recognize that there are many pathways and each pathway isn’t necessarily right or wrong. That is based solely on our view.

Don’t Lose Track, Pivot

Don’t lose track or pace of the goals that you want to achieve. But at the same time, if you feel that something needs to change, perhaps use the same method you’re using a bit longer. After all, the more that you use a method and recognize the holes in it, the better you can create a solution to fix it.

You know the best way to achieve your goals. So find a method and pivot as many times as you need to.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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