As I am wrapping up my second to last week of this challenge and entering the final week, I want to take a pause for reflection. A reflection at how far I’ve come and the progress that I’ve made. And even over this week, there’s been a number of exciting things that have happened

A Pause For Reflection

I’ll Be Cooking More

I’ve always enjoyed cooking when I first got into it. It was about 9 years ago when I first had the opportunity to make something. This challenge so far has been nice because it’s gotten me to be relying more on my cooking skills.

Even though I’ll admit most of the dishes I’ve been making have literally been salads. Still, the novelty of making something for yourself is nice.

Furthermore even after this challenge is done, my father asked me to start cooking for the three of us. That’s exciting for me because it’s been even longer since I’ve made dishes for people.

Plus I picked up some cookbooks that I’ve been dying to use.

The Easier Workouts

This week was the first week that I’ve realized that I don’t have any more pain in my legs. I’ve noticed it a few times a few weeks ago but never thought much of it. For sure I’m dropping weight – I’m at 201.5 lbs right now. But I was thinking it would’ve taken longer for this problem to go away. It’s kind of why I wanted to take a pause of reflection. To realize this.

In the end, this show how strenuous and beneficial the exercises I’ve been doing are. The workouts I’ve been to, always have warm-up sections with running. And there are bound to be other exercises in there that focus on legs. Every time I workout I don’t get out of the gym without doing squats or some form of leg bending.

This is key for me in the future because if I am to stay on top of this issue, I need to do more than walk.

The Overall Growth

Over this past month and a half, I feel that I’ve grown a lot. I’ve addressed a number of issues that I had about my health and took a serious stab at them. As a result, I feel more fulfilled about the year that’s ahead of me.

I still have to be working hard. I need to drive myself to the point that I’m drenched with sweat and push beyond that. This is something that I’ve been working on at the gym. What’s better is that it’s getting easier for me to push past that point with each passing session.

Paired with my little fasting technique, I’ve been able to knock down some more pounds. As mentioned above I’m down 201.5. It’s not as big of a blow out as last week, but that’s not my goal.

I don’t need massive spurts of progress.

I want steady overall growth. And that understanding came when I took a pause for reflection.

I’m getting that though as I’ve started to notice that my pants are starting to sag a bit. It’s about time I pull out my belts again.

A Pause For Reflection

Taking a pause for reflection is needed in our journey of growth.

It’s to ensure that we are going on the right path.

It’s also an opportunity for us to improve things.

I’m not the only one who has revelations when we pause and think. We can use these revelations to go beyond and improve ourselves. It’s why doing this activity is worth it in any situation in life.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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