As a writer or even as an entrepreneur, it pays a lot for you to do your own outreach. This fact may seem obvious for many but in this day and age we have so many ways to be making money to the point that so many forget to do this.

Even I’ll admit I am quite comfortable hunting for clients through Upwork or writing for a variety of other sites like Medium and occasionally others.

That’s not to say that those platforms are great opportunities, but as someone who wants to be growing further in the world, this is a step that I have to take. But outside of my own personal interests there are other perks to be hunting for clients on your own terms.

Why Do Your Own Outreach As A Writer

You Get Paid More

Freelance sites like Fiverr or Upwork are a great way to scout for work. It’s all in one convenient location and there are loads to pick from too.

There is an endless supply of clients which is nice, but it’s not free. While the platforms may not be charging you fees to use the platform, they are cutting into your profits and sometimes that can be a hefty chunk.

I know from Upwork they take 20% off of the first $500, 10% off of 500.01 to $10,000 and 5% off of anything exceeding that.

Sure the fees are dropping little by little over time, but if you’re only taking on clients for a brief period of time you’re losing a fair bit of money off every transaction. Not to mention you’re probably not going to get a client who’ll pay you over $10,000 over the long term. If you do then you probably should’ve moved away from this platform.

Point is that these fees are excessive and for each time you keep the client on through Upwork the more you’re losing out on money. You can avoid this entirely if you do your own outreach.

You Learn More From Your Experiences

But wait! Freelance sites also offer more than a client pool. They also offer protection to ensure that you get paid and will speak to the employer on your behalf.

That is absolutely correct and is certainly one of the risks that’s tied to doing your own outreach. I’ve also seen it first hand with my older brother. He’s worked on multiple projects as an animator in the past only to not get paid for the work as his employer offered to pay based on the performance of the game or app once it’s launched.

It’s instances like this where my brother spent several years not earning any money at all.

And while that was painful to see, it also helped him grow. Through the experiences, he’s learned to be picky about what clients he takes on. Furthermore, he’s learned to be more upfront about pay and his own expectations.

Platforms and other opportunities can provide protections at the cost complacency and comfort. And while that’s great for some, those two things are a threat to growth.

When you do your own outreach that protection is gone yes, but it’s worth the cost for many. As restrictions are removed, the onus is on you to protect yourself and stand tall.

It Sparks Motivation And Creativity

But above all, doing your own outreach for work sparks motivation and creativity. And the big reason why I know this is because I can see this in myself.

One of the big projects that I’m working on is to seriously push in finding my own writing clients as opposed to relying so much on Upwork and Medium. They are certainly great platforms, but my earnings on Medium need a lot of work in order for me to make a living out of it and Upwork takes up a good chunk of the money that I earn as well.

But in my pursuit for doing my own outreach I’ve been thinking about how I can promote the work. I was originally planning on a video. In fact, I’ve already gone and recorded it. But as I’ve been thinking more about it, the more I realize how I made the video didn’t quite work.

It sparked something new for me and I think the new approach will be better for me for the future.

But on another note it’s also a good source of motivation. This push for me personally is a push outside of my comfort zone as I’ve been relying so much on Medium and Upwork for my own outreach and income potential. Of course I’ll still be using them, but right now, I’m starting to see some of the limitations of it. I’ve been struggling to find decent clients on Upwork and Medium needs more work on my end to grow my audience and therefore income. So doing my own outreach has the potential of bringing in the most money for me which I certainly need for the months to come.

Do Your Own Outreach

Just like moving out on your own, doing your own outreach is a rocky road. There is a lot of doubts and hesitations. But that’s what happens when you push out of your comfort zone.

I know for myself I have what it takes to make it. I’ve gotten this far already after all.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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