As we get older, it’s inevitable that we accumulate more aches and pains. However, it becomes an issue when that little twinge that you could ignore turns into a raging stabbing pain. This isn’t a sports injury; you didn’t bump into anything or cause yourself a mischief – this has been a developing ache or pain over time. Although relying on painkillers can get you through the day, they do nothing but mask the pain you are in and do nothing to address the cause. Take a look at these ways you can relieve your aches and pains without reaching for the medicine cabinet.

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If you have deep tissue aches or tension in your back, neck and shoulders, sometimes there’s no better treatment than a good massage. We are not talking gentle aromatherapy oils, panpipe music and incense. You need a robust massage that will reach deep into your tissue and muscle fibers to help them relax rather than remain permanently contracted. Sports style massage is also good for relieving muscle spasms, trapped nerve pain and headaches caused by tension.

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Mindfulness And Meditation

Although you might be certain that your physical pain is real and not a figment of your imagination, there is no doubt that the worry, stress and anxiety caused by your initial ache can cause the pain to get worse. If you have particularly acute episodes of pain, you may benefit from meditation style exercises. You don’t have to venture to a retreat or embark on a course of chanting cross-legged while breathing in the calming scents of sandalwood (although you can do this if you wish.) You could get yourself a CD like the ones listed at, or venture to a local class that will teach you the art of mindfulness. By changing the way you process your negative thoughts and work through anxious moments, you may find that your pain doesn’t flare up quite so regularly or acutely.

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Alternative Medicine

Alternative therapies for pain management have often had a bad press. However, plenty of research now lauds the benefits of acupuncture in relieving all sorts of ailments from a torn muscle to abdominal cramps. Extracts from organic hemp, as discussed on, can work wonders in relieving pain caused by MS and other chronic illnesses. To ensure you don’t become the victim of any form of quackery, ensure that you opt for a well-regulated industry and don’t fall for those adverts you often see in the back of newspapers. Chat with friends and see if they have explored alternatives to traditional methods of pain relief. The best recommendations are always word of mouth from a trusted source.

Just because you are in pain and have been for some time doesn’t mean you have to succumb to a feeling that it will never get better. With the right treatment plan and a combination of traditional and alternative therapies, you will see an improvement in your quality of life.


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