A lot has been happening for me lately but I can finally say this: I’m starting a new journey.

It’s not going to be easy. In fact, it’s going to be the toughest challenge that I have yet to face. In short, I’d like to solve my money problem and how I’m going about it now, doesn’t seem like it’ll get me there quickly.

Let me explain.

The Problem

As it stands, my current position is far better than where I was last year. I wasn’t working with companies and focused purely on creating content as opposed to monetizing it.

Mind you, there are advertisements on this site but the earnings have been minimal. In fact, I can say last month those ads gave me $0.03 total.

What has also caused some issues has been the platform I’m mainly focusing on: Medium. I’ve been a member on there since last year and the platform has been good to me. They’ve also given writers the option to be paid on the platform.

During the start, I’ve been happy with cashing in $40-60 every month from the program. However that has also changed dramatically. Last month, I earned $10.

Because of that, I’ve been far more reliant on my freelance work to make up the bulk of my income. The issue with that is that the work is long. It can take a few hours to finish the tasks which is not that bad. However, my payment per article is so small it’s at the point where I could be working for free.

Not only that, but the work is further demoralizing due to the fact I’m pushing myself to write so much. It’s one reason why I have been recycling Medium posts plus skipped posting last week on Tuesday.

This brings me to what I want to do next. I want to start a new journey.

Digging In Details

I have been working hard and as efficient as I can, but things need to change. I don’t want to be putting myself through all of this suffering and getting next to nothing anymore.

Currently, I am making changes to how I handle Medium. I’ve been posting more locked stories. Furthermore, I’ve been changing my writing technique while also engaging with other people.

The thing is though, Medium is simply a supplement. I could make a lot of money on the platform, but to do so requires intense focus on that platform. That’s not really possible at the moment seeing as I have this blog, my side project blog on boosting self esteem, Medium, plus all my client work.

It doesn’t seem like much and I convince myself that it really is not much, however, our motivation levels shift over the course of the day. In the morning, I can get most of the work done, but the client work is left.

It feels like a drag to me.

And while some can say I should finish that first and I agree, it doesn’t solve the issue that I’m barely making anything.

Also, this is only on the writing aspect as I’d like to incorporate video plus marketing the content appropriately which is a whole other beast.

I’m Not Complaining

I’m not saying this to complain, but I feel that the solution isn’t as simple as doing the client work first. I won’t deny that doing it first will bring relief. But over a day where I’m working basically all day, getting paid peanuts isn’t great.

Especially since I’ve been doing this since March.

A new journey is needed for me as things currently need to be changing in my life. I’m working hard but the progress is so slow it’s hardly noticeable.

So how can I make this change? And how does it involve you guys?

Let’s explore that.

How To Change

Changing is simple for me. It’s embracing the shift in lifestyle. I did that when I got my first contract as a freelancer and tried that out. It seemed manageable and I’ve been happy.

But with all of these sudden shifts, what was nice at first, has become rather cumbersome. 

Things need to change and I do have plans for what I want to do. I also have ideas in mind for what I’d like to accomplish as well. In short, I want to revamp my income streams and creating new income streams.

All of this is in the hope of being able to offshore work affordably.

I still want to do all the posting, writing, and recording.

However the marketing aspect has been lacking a lot and I’d like some help in making creative images, and perhaps generating ideas.

On top of that, getting someone to promote my work and show me strategies is going to help me too. But that can be expensive.

It’s for this reason why I want to be doubling down on the streams I can leverage. This is places like my client work on Upwork plus my own efforts on Medium.

So How Does This Involve You?

So how does this new journey involve you, the reader? Well since money has been an issue on my journey, I still feel compelled to talk more about it. And what is most fitting is on this blog.

Like I said, I want to share a new journey. It’ll be not as frequent as #BetterMeNow as that is all about my health. However, I’d like to provide monthly updates on my current financial status.

I won’t be sharing goals, but I’ll talk about my intentions, thoughts, and the progress I’m making. This can help you all be better money managers or at least get the opportunity to discuss money.

This is key as so many people have money issues, but make no effort to change it. Having a story to read and go off of I think is empowering.

A New Journey

So I’ll be making some changes and adjustments to this site amongst other things. For sure, this site will still be on the back burner for a while longer.

But I haven’t forgotten about you guys.

Hence why I’d like to deliver a new post every month talking about this new journey I’m on as well.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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