It has been several weeks since I have provided an update on my current progress on my goals. As such, it’s a good time to share my progress thus far.  Progress on the state of my health, and what I’m learning that is. If you want to learn more about my progress in business, check my vlogs here.

My Health

As far as my weight goes, I’m weighing in at 207.5 pounds. My efforts towards losing weight have been going smoothly overall but I can certainly do more. Looking over my exercising I can say that it’s all over the place. I’m not able to make it into a daily activity however I am able to get my walking in with no issues.

Although my exercising habit still needs a lot of work, my eating habits I believe have gotten better than before. First is the fact that I’ve been eating only two meals every day. This in theory should be helping me overall in losing weight. I’ve also been eating less and drinking more water. What this does is it ensures that I’m getting fuller with less food. Furthermore with less food I am focusing more on healthier foods that can fill me up. Because of this, I have been slowly working out any kind of cravings that I’d normally have if I were eating more food.

To summarize my progress thus far on my health, I believe that I am making a lot of progress on this. To start losing even more weight, it’s a matter of stepping up my exercising routine. Even though the walking will help to burn fat, the exercising will help me to build muscles.

What I’ve Been Learning

From this experience, there have been many things that I learned. The biggest thing that I’ve been learning from the experience is how to better fight my excuses. Particularly in working out. Even though I haven’t been working out all that much, I feel that my progress thus far has been better than before. From this experience alone I have been pushing myself to work out even more.

My Progress Thus Far

My progress thus far has been going good by my standards. Looking back to how far that I’ve come, I’ve come a long way. There is still a lot of work that I need to do, especially in working out, but I’ve been buying less into my excuses and have been pushing myself harder when I do work out.

Some other steps that I can consider as well is looking into supplements and other vitamins. Due to the small amount of food that I’ve been having, it’s something to consider as I progress through this journey.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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