While I was walking around on Friday, an interesting event occurred: I noticed that my older pants are slipping. It may not be much in the grand scheme of things though.

Perhaps I picked out sizes too big on purpose and they were naturally so baggy.

Maybe it’s the brand since different brands of the same size fit me better.

That may be the case, however, one thing is certain about these particular pairs of pants. It’s not like them to slip down my hips.

The Sign Of Progress: My Older Pants Are Slipping

I’ve worn these pairs of pants a lot. Before I went clothing shopping, these were the only pair of pants I wore around the house. That’s aside from shorts on warmer days. Anyway since these were the only pair of pants I had around the house I grew accustomed to the size and how my figure kept them up. Another thing to note too is I don’t wear a belt either.

This can only mean one thing for me:

I am making progress and the regimen I have is working.

Trust Your Looks Rather Than The Numbers

But this sign, my older pants are slipping, shows something else that’s been happening lately with me as well. For a few weeks now my weight hasn’t been changing all that much. There have been some drastic dips here and there, however, I haven’t been seriously keeping track of it.

It’s the main reason why I haven’t been writing down my weight in these posts.

Not because I’m trying to hide it or anything or that I’m ashamed. Honestly, if I continue exercising and moving around a fair bit then I’m only going to be making more progress.

The reason I’ve skipped over it so much is I’m asking what’s the point in it? I mean like, what’s the point of weighing yourself religiously every week?

Sure you can see the progress in the form of numbers, but shouldn’t one be able to tell by looking at their figure over time? You can even look at your pants and see a difference too like I have.

Making Progress

Progress can stem from a variety of sources. It doesn’t always have to be these monumental moments. For sure I’ll celebrate and tell people once I drop below 200 pounds and hit certain milestones. And as much as I encourage people to document the journey, you also want to make sure it’s for you too.

This journey is for me and I’ve chosen to share the steps and my thought process. The progress I am making is great and I want to keep that momentum, but this journey is for myself and what I am going through.

Follow the path you are on for yourself. Everyone else who follows you is secondary.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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