This week brings progress in the form of more cooking and exercising in my life. While I’m not entirely satisfied with my results, progress is still progress for me. 

Not to mention there is some things that I’ve learned still and what I can do to encourage myself to exercise and cook further,

More Cooking And Exercising


This week brought a few new dishes as I managed to use some of my food that I purchased a few weeks ago. I didn’t make any changes to my meal plan primarily because I still had (and still have) a good chunk of food I bought earlier.

Guess struggling with last weeks supper prep work payed off.

Anyway, this week I found a lot of my dishes to be a mixture of whatever my parents brought plus any leftover raw ingredients that I bought from last week. However, from those things, a few dishes sprang forth that are worth looking at.


First to look at is breakfast. To mix things up I cooked up some scrambled eggs. Pro tip for making awesome creamy scrambled eggs is to keep stirring the eggs. With the scrambled eggs I threw in mushrooms, onions and cherry tomatoes.

A typical breakfast


But what’s more interesting is the some of the meals I had for supper. Early in the week I created a dish that I can’t quite remember the name of. In short it’s a cabbage roll only in relation to the ingredients it uses. Think of this dish like a goulash except replace the pasta with cabbage.

I had a lot of cabbage leftover that’s been sitting in the fridge for a few weeks and so I made this dish. It might not look appealing visually, but it is quite delicious. The ingredients are cabbage, ground beef (or ground chicken in my case) and spaghetti sauce. You can include other vegetables and tomatoes if you’d like.

Weird but tasty goulash.


As far as lunches go, this week I had a particular habit of not eating anything at all in the morning. This week the theme of the week was me eating my first meal at around 1 or 2pm.

It felt strange as I honestly didn’t feel that hungry. I was in a weird spot this week but I’m good now.

On Saturday, I felt things were stabilizing once more. I had breakfast at a much earlier time and had a healthy lunch as well. I was trying to go for a greek salad and threw in pumpkin seeds and chicken for the hell of it.

“Greek” salad

What I Can Build On

Looking over it, I had more dedication to cooking my meals. I still didn’t cook anything in advance (I even put it on my to-do list this time to no avail) but I did figure something that’s worth trying out.

On the exercising level I didn’t do much exercise until later in the week when I told myself to go for a walk. I’ve been stuck inside and didn’t feel like going out.

Like I said, I was in a weird mood all week. 

Overall I think this week was really that: weird. I wouldn’t chalk it up to me giving up, but that I had an off week. But I have a plan to get me to do more cooking and exercising.

What I Learned

Even though this week was really weird, I still walked away with some knowledge. Part of it coming from me thinking about it right now. This should help me in putting together meals in advance but also to help me in avoiding these weird weeks.

For one I found an exercise regimen that focuses on upper body strength. A lot of it revolves around sit-ups, crunches and other things. While that’s not going to help me in developing any kind of muscles or strength, the goal here right now isn’t that.

It’s to drop weight.

And let me tell you, doing those exercises in the morning yesterday was pretty tough. It got me sweating. That or the fact I’ve been inactive for the past several days really threw me for a loop.

Regardless, this is a lesson for me because it brings me closer to what sort of regimens I can use to motivate myself. The exercises I’m doing are not complex and can be quite demanding. I can use that to do more cooking and exercising.

But how can exercise motivate me to do more cooking?

Well the more energy I have, the more motivation I can get. You see, sweating does more than giving us energy. Sweating is actually a form of motivation as I discovered.

By bringing myself to sweat more, I’ll feel motivated to exercise in the future.

But this also ties in with what I want to be doing in terms of meals.

I had this idea last week for breakfast by making bigger dishes (like frittatas), but that principal can be applied for supper as well. Why not make bigger dishes for myself and save some for later?

This dawned on me more when I look back at my “cabbage roll” dish which I finished having last night. There wasn’t a lot, however the fact I was only eating myself and could get away with smaller portions makes sense to cook one meal in a much larger batch and stretch it over the week.

It’s not like the food needs to be eaten up immediately so it’s not like I have to have the same meal every single day for an entire week. This allows things to be fresh for me so I don’t get tired of having the same meal.

I believe that method works for me more seeing as I can’t motivate myself enough to cook late at night. That or perhaps it was my weird mood. Whatever the case is, I think this alternative works better for me since it’s easier for me to cook more when I’m in cooking mode as opposed to switching from work mode to cook mode.

All in all these lessons will help me in more cooking and exercising which is what matters most here.

More Cooking And Exercising

I’m excited, what next week will bring me. I still have a lot of food leftover that needs to be used up, but I might do a grocery run later on next week to prepare for the week after. Until then, keep growing!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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