When you become an adult there are a lot of things that change in our lives and some of them are great, but some are just plain frustrating. Saving money is one of those things we are told to start doing as soon as we hit twenty and beyond that point we should be saving a huge ton of money all year with no issues at all. But is it really that easy? When we ask for saving advice we will usually get the same answers, and it can be useless for us when all we need is some real life saving tips that work. The good job is that we have been thinking about this too, so here are our top picks for money saving Hacks that actually work.

Create a direct debit 

When we get paid the temptation is to spend it all on food and a night out with our friends, but if you ever want to afford a house or a car or anything else, this isn’t a wise decision. To force you not to spend all of your cash at once, think about setting up a direct debit from your current to your savings account each month so that the moment you get paid, the money is gone. If you can’t see the money you won’t be able to spend it and this is ideal for those who need to save up.

Make a solid budget 

Budgeting for your week as a young adult can be a challenge however balancing your money isn’t as hard as you would think. If your goal is to budget and save money through the year then you can set aside the essential costs each week such as your travel to work and back. Next you can tackle food and come up with your own cheaper recipes, and then for lifestyle you can cut costs by reducing the time you spend out with your friends. You only need to make small adjustments and you will have money left over to use elsewhere.

Stop buying lunches 

Lunches at work are some of the highest daily costs we spend because they can be expensive depending on where you decide to eat. If you have things like supermarkets close to work you are much more likely to spend money on food because there is more choice. However, if you start bringing in a sandwich or a salad each day instead, you won’t need to leave the office and this means you will save money by default. You can even use leftovers from your dinners the night before if you want to make things even cheaper.

Team up with your partner 

If you are in a relationship you should always treat any goal in life as a team effort. They need a promotion? You can help them prepare for the interview. You want to get fit? They can come with you and get fit too. You need to save money for a house together? Choose an amount each to save every month and work together to make your living costs lower by avoiding the cinema and instead staying in to watch your favorite series instead. Saving is always much easier  when you have someone there to hold you accountable for your spending.


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