Monday April 17 2017

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Yesterday was the day before I begin my challenge to improve my health. I’ve already been taking some steps to working on that. Being conscious about what I’m eating, drinking a little more water. Things like that.

But overall the day felt more like preparation for everything that is about to happen today and the future.

As far as preparations go I mainly focused on setting up posts for Instagram along with a newsletter format. The newsletter is called Healthy Newsletter. It’s a daily newsletter where I’ll be sharing health tips, recipes, my journey, and a positive quote to motivate you all! You’ll be able to sign up starting today but the newsletter won’t be out until tomorrow.

Thinking Ahead

Since I have more daily tasks pressing on me, I believe it’s important now more than ever to begin working ahead but also thinking ahead too. Thankfully a lot of stuff that I’m writing will allow me to do things like that, not to mention there is less emphasis on creating video content.

Oh yeah, as far as my channel goes there’ll be a new structure to it as far as content goes. I’m focusing on less videos but making them more powerful, and shareable. This means writing more compelling pieces and focusing on mastery.

My chat with Orly on Wednesday will help with that for sure. Since the usual advice I get is “create shareable content.” and I see that as a more blanket statement. I am giving value on some level, but no one is sharing.

Moving Forward

But I won’t be dwelling on that lack, there’s no point. What’s important moving forward is to again focus on the quality of videos specifically that are coming out. As opposed to producing as many as possible. When it comes to posts in other areas adopting the mentality of short and simple is vital moving forward.

I shouldn’t be spending several hours on a single post. These daily journals are an exception since I want to talk about specifics of my mindset. The other posts as long as there are some helpful tips or nuggets in there it’s what matters.


To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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