Minds To Mindsets

As I was doing my writing exercise last night, I talked about a rather unusual sensation. Something I haven’t really talked about all that much. Thinking on it more now, it would be very much the same as minding our mindsets and being conscious of what we tell ourselves. Though these things are important, what I felt I was getting at was maintaining communication with minds to mindsets.

What I mean by that is when we do certain activities we have different mindsets revolving around them. More or less these are our own views, opinions, and beliefs. How we act in those kinds of situations is vital to our own growth.

Because There Can Be Miscommunication

Much like communication with our network we are also communicating from our minds to mindsets. In other words we act based on our views. But miscommunication occurs when we have other desires conflicting with it or other outside problems.

An example is as I noted in my writing exercise my workout sessions. Obviously I know working out and being healthy is a good thing. However there are times where my feelings get in the way or something else happens.

It’s important in those situations to maintain that connection. To not give into the simple urges and stop.

Create A Plan

The best way to ensure you have success and communicating effectively is creating a plan of action and taking action. With most everything in life, in order to make changes, actions must be made. A plan should be brief, simple to understand, and easy to implement.

On top of that I believe having a strong understanding of yourself can help as well. Identifying what worked in the past or what you have tried in the past as well. By understanding yourself you can better understand your thinking and your opinions. Are your opinions your own or have they been pushed onto you by others? Have you tried this idea in the past or introduced a new way of approaching a situation?

Through that I believe we can all have a stronger connection with our minds to mindsets.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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