No, we’re not talking about minting your own coins; after all they won’t have any value to then, just that you can always dig out an extra little bit of cash from the knick knacks you have laying around the house. When it comes to financial security, it would seem money really can buy you some happiness, so be sure to have a dig around for things you don’t even know you have! The bonus of making your own money is that anything in your house can be sold off to make a quick buck, and it gives your space a clear out at the same time. Here’s a few things to invest in, or to take a peek at.

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See if You Have Any Unclaimed Money

Unclaimed money technically already belongs to you; this is money the government hasn’t made you aware that is ready to collect, but you know you’re missing a few bucks from your savings. This could be from insurance claims, pensions, and any other assets that have been passed down to you.

There is a bit of a process to this however, and you’re going to need to be able to prove unequivocally that you’re owed some cash. Go to the insurance commission site and track down your claim, or even just look up the NAUPA website. Make sure you check the local laws on unclaimed money, go down to your bank, and pick up the money you’re owed.

Dig Out Your Grandma’s Safe

When it comes to safe cracking, either you’re going to become a master ‘thief’ with your lock picking skills, or you’re smart enough to find and use the key. Of course this isn’t always an option, but if you’ve recently come into possession of something like an old safe or a lockbox, open it up to take a peek inside.

Usually you’ll find something good inside, whether they be novelty toys or models, or even some coins or otherwise. It can be a lot of fun to find your way inside, and the mystery of what could be inside keeps a lot of us going.

Invest in a Little Metal

Having a bit of gold bullion on your side can make ends meet in a desperate time, as the value of precious metals can wildly differ from month to month. Either way, owning some gold or silver can give you a peace of mind, and they can be great decorative items as well. Invest in coins, or even a bar if you will: take the idea to buy silver bars for example; it’s one of the most strategic ways to pick up finances in times of heavy inflation, and thus there’s less risk involved for this particular metal.

There’s plenty of ways to make money, whether they be traditional or untraditional. Of course having a steady regular income from a job is the main way, but you can pick up a little extra here and there with methods such as these.


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