From the daily walks to the implementation of a small exercising regimen, it’s clear I am making slow and small changes to my daily life. This week, I have been working on developing these two things further into my life. From this experience, I have learned a number of things that could even be used in other areas and can be used to in making slow and small changes in other areas of my life.

Making Slow and Small Changes

The Steady Progress

One thing I have been doing is not weighing myself every week. I haven’t been weighing myself much regardless. But even as I making progress in habits I’m still not checking. The reason is simple, I want to focus on how I am feeling and my looks rather than the number. Even though it is exciting to figure out what sort of progress you are making, it can also be a let down. I’d rather not give myself more ammo to shoot myself down than I have to.

Making small and slow changes means building up that momentum little by little. If you get distracted or you drag yourself down, you’ll lose that momentum. So consistency is important.

You Learn Your Triggers

Our habits are geared by our triggers. What sort of actions we do are all based off of a sequence of actions. Understanding this is key to making slow and small changes. After all we are replacing our bad habits with something healthier and better for us. Knowing our triggers will allow us to better manage our habits and promote the healthier habits as well.

With this knowledge, I have been making slow and small changes and actually getting them to stick. It’s why I have been able to consistently add in these small changes. From the biking to late night walks (or long walks in general) to the exercising. And now it’s moving forward and adding more consistency to it every single day.

It Encourages You To Experiment

From this motivational high I am on, I’ve been thinking of adding a few more things to my regimen. I feel confident in my abilities to be adding more and making other adjustments. From additions to my business to these health habits I’d like to add more I am slowly putting more into my life and changing it.

This sort of experimentation perhaps will make my life better. It’s hard to see until I get into it and see for myself.

Step By Step Making Slow And Small Changes

While this method isn’t anything revolutionary, by making slow and small changes like I have, I’ve been learning a lot about getting these habits to stick and to find the motivation to do them.

I am doing this for my health. And I’ll get there in due time. All I need to do is keep making those changes little by little and go at my own pace.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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