Today, I have some big news: I’m making a meal plan again. This is partially the reason why I didn’t have much to report on last week as there honestly wasn’t any kind of progress I have been making.

However, something that’ll help me in getting back on track with my health and focusing forward is to put together a proper meal plan. And this time, actually commit to it.

Making A Meal Plan

Making A Meal Plan

Of course I’ve made meal plans in the past. That is nothing new. Some of them have been pretty broad plans such as my plans for avoiding grains, or limiting them. There wasn’t anything actually concrete that I’ve had up to this point.

Part of the reason being I couldn’t pay for extra foods. I also didn’t want to burden my parents for out of the ordinary food just for me.

But now that there is some money coming in, I can start to take some more serious efforts in buying some of the more odds and ends to create a meal plan that.

Not only that but the fact that I’m making a meal plan that’s more coherent and specific does make a difference as well. It’s not just a list of dos and don’t which for many people may work, but it’s also difficult to implement.

You’re still going to have off days. Not to mention writing out a list of things not to do or not to think isn’t going to do what you intend it to do. For example, if I told you to not think about chocolate, chances are you just thought of it right now as you are reading this.

It’s harder than it looks when you tell yourself to not eat something.

Instead it’s smarter to make a plan purposely omitting certain foods.

That’s what I did with my meal plan, limiting the amount of grains I’m eating and increasing veggies, fruits, and proteins will help me out a lot. Not to mention I still have some amount of grains, just so my body can still function.

Why I Believe This Will Work

On top of all of these things, I think that this time it’ll work for a few reasons. Primarily the fact I have a more motivated reason. Again, this is the first time I’ve actually set a deadline for myself for this.

Furthermore, I believe a lot of the reason for writing for this series has fallen by the wayside a while ago. If you’ve been following at this point, there’s been some progress only to fall flat with declines and little progress.

I believe setting this new deadline and having a more motivational reason is an opportunity to approach this challenge in a fresher way. At least for myself. Not to mention that one week of not posting helped in refreshing myself as well for this challenge.

So What Are The Details?

The details of the meal plan is simple. I’ve settled with low-calorie meals that still provide a decent amount of nutrition in them. Pairing that up with exercising and going for daily walks I’ll have an opportunity to start burning more calories.

Lunch for me is more like a snack and looking at my eating habits, that’s really been the case for the past several months. This is key because if I feel I’m running low on energy I can snack on greens and protein (Peanut butter on celery sticks is a good snack). If I need other nutrients there are an assortment of veggies and fruits I can use as well.

This is typically enough to sustain me. Not to mention the three litres of water I go through through an entire day on average.

As for supper I’m leaving it more open ended. There are some particular dishes I’d like to make and that I do have on there, however considering my relatively low calorie meals, I’ll be satisfied with whatever my parents are having.

So That’s The Plan

Simple, I know. But simplicity is always a good thing in a plan. It doesn’t need to be thought much of. Because of this, it’s going to make planning these meals more entertaining for me which is important.

While it is fun to be working towards these goals little by little, the small activities are truly what make this exciting. It’s for this reason why planning should be short and sweet, and fun.

I’ll be looking forward to showing you all the dishes I made and my progress as well.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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