Let’s have a serious talk about your future; on how to find your why. A few weeks ago, I was chatting with a woman on Instagram who clearly loves my work. She wants to learn from me, and I’m alright with that.

But there is one issue: after asking her many times “why?”, I have yet to really discover why she values the company she works with. She’s gone to tell me she wants to meet new people and introduce her services to other people, but you can say that with all matter of things.

She’s also failed to mention why she wants to work with me outside of being able to inspire others.

Perhaps there is a barrier between us in understanding, it’s hard to say. The conversation in the end gives me the impression that she doesn’t have an answer outside of a general statement.

My point is this has two major bombs here:

  • Firstly, I believe she lacks a why and thusly struggles to inspire others. 
  • Secondly, she’s not the only person out there who struggles with this.

Find Your Why

Why are you going through all of this trouble to get to where you are today?


Why are you developing the habits that can lead you to success in the industry you are in?

These are important questions to answer whenever you get into business. Because when you don’t, you will be lost. I spent two and a half years utterly lost and confused. Even now where I have some semblance of a plan, I’m still at risk of trailing off. So find your why.

Because of that why I found, I stumbled into making a small amount of money online. It’s a huge victory for me, even when it’s nothing substantial.

When you find your why, you’ll learn what I learned: what you want achieve in life. For myself, it wasn’t some blanket statement like “Oh I just want to improve peoples lives.” No.

I am passionate for helping people and boosting their confidence for a few reasons.

Firstly, I was already frustrated at myself for not practicing what I think. The same was for seeing myself not being who I wanted to become. But I know now where some of my strengths are. The biggest being the ability to network and get along with people. I have a deep caring for people and I can only imagine how frustrating it is for other people to give themselves the run around the same way I did.

The second reason is confidence is riddled throughout my life. I’ve lived in times where I shunned my gift and paid dearly for it. However through effort and massive revelations, I overcame it. The same is true with this business. I’ll admit I wasn’t the confident one when I started, but even now my confidence is growing and I am succeeding.

Again, all of this is possible when you find your why.

Why are you going through all of this trouble to get to where you are today?

Discover Your Main Goal With Your Business

Now I’ve talked in the past about having a big picture why. It’s a powerful tool when it comes to goal setting. However one of the draw backs to the big picture why is that it focuses solely on yourself.

Obviously it’s supposed to do that, but what I mean is that a business is an extension of yourself. Your business is the key to unlocking your big picture why. My writing and Youtube channel are the keys to helping me live more independently.

But my question is: why are you taking that approach? Because like I told the woman on Instagram, you can do literally anything. You could sow and sell crafts, be a freelance animator, a singer, a dancer, or whatever. There is nothing stopping you from doing what you want to do.

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Seriously There Isn’t

So why are you getting involved in a network marketing company? Why are you choosing to build a tech company? Why are you doing what you are doing?

In other words what is the main goal with your business? I’m not talking about a mission statement. I’m talking about a purpose for this business to exist. Your business to exist.

It’s cool to fly without a purpose for a little bit, but eventually the airplane is going to run out of fuel. And if you have no clue where you want to land or where you want to go, you will crash and burn. 

I do not want to see that happen. My goal is to help people, it’s why I’m writing this. I know I’m sounding like a broken record, but seriously find your why.

Seriously, nothing is in your way to do what you want to do. But why are you do that?

Tools Of The Trade To Find And Identify Your Main Goal

I know that I dumped a lot on you in a short period of time. I’m not expecting people to process all of it quickly as it took me quite a bit of time. Remember it took me two and a half years to finally earn money.

But I want to provide a few tools that can help process and make those questions a bit easier. By all means they are deep questions and are no simple answers, but I believe they can lead to a prosperous future for you.

The first tool that helped me a lot is to figure out my gift. As Steve Harvey said in his famous “You need to take the leap” speech:

“You need to find your gift.”

What is your gift exactly? What are some specific qualities that you are really good at and have no explanation for. This could be a talent or a trait. For me, I get along with people very well.

But how you can find your main goal is to tie that talent with your business or side-hustle. I can make friends easily because I genuinely care about people. I can form connections easily and that’s through being genuine and authentic.

It makes sense that what my work compels me to do this in that context. I have a desire to help people as best I can. It is my duty to form these bonds and provide as much support as I can through my work.

You need to find that gift and tie it with your business.

The second tool is your big picture why.

If you have yet to discover it, take some time to do that. Even though it doesn’t tie into your main goal for your business, again your big picture why is the end game for you.

It’s figuring out what these extensions are going to give you in the end. What are you using your income streams for? That’s what your big picture why is about.

You can discover this as well by setting goals and tying why’s to them as usual. Look for patterns. And if there aren’t any then perhaps these goals aren’t suitable for you and you need to change directions.

Goals that lack direction are nothing but hollow successes.

That is the last thing that you really want right now. You do not want to be chasing and succeeding at goals and tasks that make you feel hollow or that you are going nowhere.

Goals that lack direction are nothing but hollow successes.

The third and final tool is a relaxed and calm mindset.

The last method I want to share is being in a relaxed and clear state of mind. This can be achieved through meditation, going for walks, practicing yoga, and so many other things. But the idea is to have a clear mind and talk to your inner self.

Having these kinds of conversations can allow you to focus on what is most important. Continued practice of this can bring a deep understanding of yourself, how you respond to situations, and also know what you value.

The last thing is most important. After all if you want to find your main goal you need to learn what you value. What you value determines how you see the company you are with. Furthermore it tells you your intentions with that business. Those intentions can be your main goal with your business.

Try This

Sit down with yourself and have a serious chat about where you want to go. Success becomes truly meaningful when you have the upmost clarity. So figure out your direction, focus, and why.

You can certainly find your why when you work hard to find it and discover yourself.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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