A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of interviewing affiliate marketer and travel blogger Sarah Gallo on my channel. Over the month of January I’ve been talking on end about living on your own terms. From explaining the benefits of waking up early to sharing a few pointers on starting a businessthis is clearly a major topic. Sarah Gallo is a living example of living on your own terms. She is 24 years old and instead of working a desk job, she is constantly travelling the world. All because of affiliate marketing.

The video of the interview was uploaded weeks ago but I’ll post it below along with written notes of the interview, picking out the key points! Sarah Gallo’s contact info is also own below too!

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Interview Notes

What’s affiliate marketing?

To put it simply it’s when a business hires a marketer or an Influencer to help them get more exposure to the business and brand. And in return the business pays the influencer a percentage amount based on sales.

One of the best things about affiliate marketing is you don’t need many tools to really get started. All you really need is wifi, and a laptop or a mobile phone with data and you’re set! You don’t need any kind of background in marketing or technology because if you’re with a reputable company they’ll provide you training.

Outside of the basic tools, what other tools would you recommend for starting out?

Most companies who are in affiliate marketing already provide training (and in the training most recommend tools to use) and it’s really important to do that training. A lot of people say “Eh, I don’t need training.” and it’s key to do the training.

The company I’m with provides extensive training so I always recommend people to dive into that at the start. We provide mentors and coaches and the reality is that if you follow their lead with conjunctions with the training success is far more guaranteed.

What is one of the biggest mistakes affiliate marketers make? How would you be able to prevent that from happening?

So one of the biggest mistakes people make is not doing their research. The reality is that there are many unregulated companies out there and tend to give affiliate marketing a bad name. And so it’s extremely important to find a credible company.

In your research you’ll find many people will write negative reviews of companies just so they can talk about their affiliate marketing company so you do have to be aware of that. So you need to research what you will be promoting and go right to the source.

To prevent this from happening you simply need to be proactive. Don’t believe everything that you read on the internet. So we encourage people to come to us directly if they have any questions. We also offer a free trial for anyone who is interested in joining our team so they can get an idea of how we work and people find that to be immensely beneficial.

How much does it cost upfront to start in affiliate marketing? Would people need to be selling many different products to get by or could they get by with selling one?

Affiliate marketing is a really big industry and it varies on the company as well as the individual. Depending on the company they may have multiple products to sell. Naturally the more you sell the better chances you have of getting a commission. There are some affiliate marketing companies that are entirely free but you’ll get hardly any money in return. And then there are those where you pay a lot more but offer a higher return on investment because they have extensive training.

But in the end it all comes down to doing what is comfortable for you. So like everything else, the more you put in the more you get out. It all really depends on how much money you’re willing to spend and put in your pocket too.

What’s one of the most important things you’ve learned as an affiliate marketer?

You really can make money online and build the life you want. You don’t always have to do what you’re expected to do, or follow the norm and get a job. In this day and age you can live the life you want and work online and you only have to put in one hour per day. And what’s crazy is that this is my reality, but it can also be your reality too and that is pretty cool!

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