Let the scale catch up.

This has been a reoccurring theme for me this past week. I feel like my growth has stalled significantly and that I’m flopping back and forth.

But one thing that has been standing out this week is my coach reminding me of something. That the scale will catch up and keep working at my own pace.

But there is honestly more to this saying that we all can benefit from.

Let The Scale Catch Up

It Shows Patience

Yesterday I published an article on patience and how it applies to various parts of our lives. This is especially important for me now as I recognize that I have a tendency to rush things.

I simply don’t pay that much attention to it.

But now that it’s coming to my attention more and more, I’m starting to realize how much of an issue it is. It’s impacting my writing, my life, and even my health.

That’s not to say I’m constantly stressed. But rather that I’m taking action a little too quickly. I’m not looking over my work as dutifully as I should. Or I’m growing bothered by my weight not changing despite exercising more and eating the same foods each day.

The saying “let the scale catch up” or that it will, provides a sense of calmness. It’s allowing me to look at those issues and see what I can do. What other actions can I take?

It’s focusing on the depth of ourselves and that’s what’s really important in our development. Not only in our health but our lives. And patience plays a big role in all this as you can see.

It Instills Optimism

Even the most optimistic person out there can feel down or doubt themselves at times. This is especially true when we are trying to grow and our results stall.

This couldn’t be truer for me these days as again this past week I’ve been stuck on a specific number. I also don’t want to be delving into my fasting techniques as these are different circumstances. Back then, I had to meet specific criteria in a small period of time. For this instance, I have until the turn of the new year.

But at the same time, letting the scale catch up instills hope. It’s a reminder to be patient, but also to keep moving forward. After all, the habits that I have are making an impact one way or another. I’ve been outside more often and I’m paying more attention to what I’m eating.

This is a different attitude since before I wasn’t paying attention to the consequences of what I’m eating. Furthermore, I exercised whenever I felt like it. The app that I have is helping me to change those thoughts.

And that is enough to be optimistic about all this.

Let The Scale Catch Up

These two things are the biggest lessons that I’m learning by “letting the scale catch up”. Mind you there are more reasons that are pushing me forward, but the reminder is always nice.

As I’ve learned before, we all have a cycle of motivation and there are periods where it’s lower. It’s during these low points where we lose faith, make mistakes, or give up. So these little sayings are things that allow us to connect back to our motivation and reinvigorate it.

So use them well.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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