After a few months of being in “hibernation mode,” it’s nice to finally be out of it and making an effort to get back on track.

Of course, my inactivity was my decision, but as I was hinting at last week, it’s okay if you’re struggling. Focus on recommitting and reminding yourself of that commitment.

And that’s what I did this week.

And from that experience, I’ve learned a few things. Things that can help in enhancing your life as you continue to grow and improve yourself.

Fall In Love With Your Habit Again

Last week I went and downloaded an app to help me get back on track with my health. So far I’m really enjoying it and has helped me a lot in staying consistent with my habits.

Particularly because it’s structured like a to-do list so it’s easy to go through the motions.

But one of those steps in this app is the fact it’s building the habit of walking on a daily basis. Every day I have to walk a certain amount of steps and that number jumps up every day I do the steps successfully.

Of course, I should be active, but this app is inadvertently making me find creative ways to get out and move around. And it’s this specific action that can make us fall back in love with our habits.

During our growth, there are times where we give up on habits. This is especially true when we’re in harder moments. We tend to focus more on the issue as opposed to finding solutions around the problem. And it’s during those moments where we lose ourselves a bit.

Getting back on track is merely a reminder of who we used to be and what some of the good things we were doing back then. For me, it’s getting out and walking every day. It’s helped me in so many cases. But what’s more exciting is the fact that this time, my weight is lower. Meaning that in probably a few months, I could be jogging or even run with not as much worry as I had before.

Another reason I’m falling back in love with these healthy habits.

You Learn What You Can Be Doing Better

One big thing that I’ve learned this week is to look at what exactly went wrong. Not necessarily with my health, but in my life in general.

I find that asking this question helps me to pinpoint some other areas that I could be doing better in.

For example, this week I’ve started to pitch to more clients for writing opportunities. I’m hoping to amass a good collection of clients I can turn to for more consistent writing work.

The reason I’m doing this is that I feel what went wrong was that I had a mental block. A belief that maybe this wasn’t the right way for me to get clients. But the more that I got into pitching to clients and thinking about the outcome, the more I believed in myself.

This sort of attitude works for me in my health as well. The more that I spend time walking, the more that I think it’s not so bad. Furthermore looking at the problems that my past decisions put me in, I know now how to fix them better.

All in all, getting back on track can do some wonderful things. It can break down past beliefs and allow you to see things differently. And sometimes that’s all the growth we really need. A new perspective.

Reconnect With Yourself

But above all, getting back on track allows us to reconnect with ourselves.

The habits that we pick up are the things that we value and want to get out of life. But I feel that there is a difference when we get back to doing positive activities and building positive habits.

When we do positive things it’s a show of appreciation for ourselves. Much like with exercising it’s allowing us to be stronger, do more things, and live longer. For a lot of us exercising is a form of self-love. And so when we get back to doing those kinds of activities, there is a sense of satisfaction.

We break down a lot of our excuses and mental blocks until there is nothing left but clear reasons to continue the habit and push forward. And it’s in those moments where we can find deeper meaning. Much like discovering new solutions to problems, those can take the form of lessons and things that form our own identity and personality.

One example is how I’m choosing to brand my business moving forward. Beforehand I didn’t really have a core value. I merely wanted to help people. But looking deeper at myself, I figured out the best way to brand myself and the work that I’m doing.

That in of itself shapes my writing, but also my perspective and personality. After all, writing is merely a projection of our thoughts.

Either way, reconnecting with yourself has merits that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Back On Track

Looking back over this week the shift in my life wasn’t that drastic. I merely worked on pitching to more people and paid closer attention to my exercising and eating habits.

But sometimes that’s all one really needs to rediscover themselves and start to improve themselves once more. I’m looking forward to committing further to these habits next week and seeing where this will take me.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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