Labour Day

It’s a holiday in my book that often gets overlooked by myself when I was younger. It was a reminder that school was starting and soon I’d have to start talking to people again.


The thought made me wish for more days of summer, or that I didn’t have to go to school. It’s not that I was picked on or anything. I simply didn’t like talking to people other than my friends at the time.

However now that I’m older (and more accepting to talking to people, in fact enjoy it.) I think it’s time for me to look at this day once more.

Why Labour Day is interesting to me

Clearly I associated this day with something I dreaded. Much like many other people, particular days mark happy things or sad things. September in general reminds me of my grandmother passing away for example.

But Labour Day specifically doesn’t mean something so grim to me.

It means a time to buckle down and make progress.

Even though entrepreneurship wasn’t something I was seriously buckling down on a few years ago, it was something I was pushing myself a little more on last year. It was the start of Eric Burdon TV, a series of video ideas that didn’t bode very well.

Still I remember doing research and working hard on the projects I had prepared. Even though I don’t remember specifically what I was doing that day, I remember what I was feeling.

I was confident and certain with my work. I was aiming to improve myself and I was moving in the direction I wanted to go. Little did I expect I’d be going in the direction I am right now.

Now with summer over, it’s time to work. Even though many people dread it, take the time to learn more about how you work. Better yet try to develop some habits around your work place. Is your desk always disorganized? Find a way to organize stuff and make it cleaner.

It means a time to grow more than before

Labour day reminds me of school to a degree. Not necessarily my awkward high school years, but my years in college and university. The first years at each place felt unreal and wonderful. I had new perspectives and I was going to finally meet some new people.

This month, I plan to meet and connect with more people. I know that’s the case for myself as I have a few interviews coming up that I am looking forward to.

Take some time out of your month this month to say hello to some people. Even just saying good morning to people at work can help. You might make a new connection from that.

It’s a time to be excited

As much as I didn’t enjoy talking to people at the time, I did like school for the learning side of things. But further down the road there were many things to be excited about. I’ve already talked about them.

Being in a new place, going to a new school, and a completely different environment. For myself it feels like I’m a kid again exploring and seeing the wonders.

This month I’m excited for a variety of reasons. It’s the first time I feel this passionate about my work. The first time I feel I have finally found the direction I want to be working towards.

It’s time to get working!

What does Labour Day mean to you?

Is it another holiday or is there meaning behind it for you too? I’d love to read about it in the comments!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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