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Eric S Burdon

Eric S Burdon is a freelance writer of 3+ years of experience, aiming to provide quality content quickly.

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I write strong quality posts

SEO Writing

From keyword research to ensuring they meet Yoast SEO standards, your article will rank highly on Google.


You set a deadline, you'll get the work at least one day BEFORE that deadline. If not, on the deadline guaranteed.

Any Niche

From fashion and construction to entrepreneurship and business, I've ghostwritten in a variety of niches.

I love Writing

About Me

Raised in New Brunswick, Canada, my passion for writing stems from an innate curiosity of my mind. When I discovered writing, I fell in love with it and began developing my craft into what it is today. My passion for writing goes far beyond than a simple means as I understand this is a tool for me that I can use to help people and guide them.

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Working with Eric has been eye-opening experience for me. We both started out as writers at the same time. However, now that you read our work, you can see that Eric has honed the craft and excelled. An 800-word blog from him reads so easily and delightful that it doesn't even feel like reading. This is why he's now my writer and editor.
Nikhil Mahadea
Nikhil Mahadea
Entrepreneur/ Investing Mentor
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Frequently Asked Questions

I charge on a per word basis would be $0.02 per word. This includes keyword research, high quality images, and topic generation too.

If it’s a topic I‘m not familiar with, I always do cursory research to cover the basics. Even if it’s a topic I know, I’ll typically look at one or two other articles as well.

I’ve had experience writing on a variety of niches, but most of my talent revolves around niches of business, entrepreneurship, self-improvement, confidence, finance, travel, and health.

I’m excited to be working with you but before we do that, I’d love the chance to meet you and discuss the finer points.