Ask and you shall receive.

It’s a familiar quote to me and is something that I try to employ from time to time. Why I don’t employ it as much is mainly because I’m more focused on trying to help others. Not to mention finding ways that I can better serve others around me.

But whenever I do ask for something, I often remind myself of something else. It never hurts to ask other people for things.

And the reason why I do this is because much of my life is spent supporting only myself. It’s a strange sensation for me to be asking other people for help. So much so that whenever I did ask people early on I felt hurt or I feel I came off like I’m using someone or I looked too desperate and needy.

It Never Hurts To Ask

Asking Never Hurts

But as I have kept asking people on occasion and relying on other people, the more I’ve come to embrace that fact.

It never hurts to ask people.

It’s not that whenever you do a good thing you’re expecting others to do good. But rather when you ask someone you’re sharing a little more about yourself.

And yes that can be painful. Especially when you are under the belief that if you ask for a favour, that person is making a mental tally of “how much you owe them.” It’s easy to think that and I feel that’s the biggest reason why some people can be reluctant to ask for help.

Fear that they may owe someone later and are unable to meet their expectations.

But when you take the time to build solid relationships with quality people and provide many other reasons to extend said friendship, asking becomes powerful. You know that that person isn’t keeping score but is rather doing the favours because you are genuinely a great person to them.

Asking Builds Character

But what if you don’t have those kinds of relationships right now? That’s okay. Because asking has a way of building yourself up.

Again, I’ve been very hesitant in asking people for support. In fact, I still feel kind of reluctant to ask for donations or even promote things. Hell, I don’t even share my own posts that much.

But the handful of times that I’ve asked has helped me to grow. Asking a few times made me realize how much I need you, my readership and that I should be focusing less on my plights but rather how I can help others. Over the years of my writing, my writing shifted to less about myself and more about helping others and giving tangible advice.

Like I said above, asking causes us to give a piece of ourselves to someone else. Not in an intimate way, but rather a “I trust you” kind of way. And if the person is great and helps you, your life is enhanced. And should the person hurt you, you can grow from the experience and build yourself up.

Never Hurts To Ask

Either way you look at it, there is no foul from asking. Everything that we do and experience is a learning experience. It’s an opportunity for us to grow.

Many people understand that and there are even books out there revolving around this. The biggest one that comes to mind Gary Vaynerchuk’s Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. That’s obviously a more business type of approach, but it’s still credible and works wonders.

Employing this in your own life, even outside of business can dramatically change your life over time. It can teach you who to keep close to and who you can really trust while also building yourself up further.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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