Experts have talked about before about visualizing goals. But there are some that are going a step farther and talking about why you need to visualize your life. Today I want to delve into those people and relay and stress the importance of visualizing your life in it’s entirety.

By the time that I have this published, I would have done something that I’ll admit I have never done before. I visualized my entire life and wrote it down. I visualized and wrote down what my ideal life will look like.

For me, this is a huge step forward for myself in where I want to go. Naturally I’d like to catalogue this moment as this is the first step towards massive change in my life.

I knew the importance of visualizing your goals and attracting them in your life. However there are many other people who talk about the importance to visualize your life in it’s entirety.

Today I’d like to delve into specific stories on why we need to be so thorough with visualizing every aspect of our lives, our ideal lives.

It’s What Top Athletes Use

Athletes are bit controversial what with doping scandals amongst other things, but there are still people who are legit and even practice visualization. Take the duo female beach volleyball team Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor.

In an interview with USA Today, they went into detail about their routine. They do yoga, meditation and visualization.

“To be able to take in the sights, the sounds, the stress, the excitement — that’s going to serve us really well moving forward.”

What this teaches us is to visualize the tiny details in life. Of course we want to visualize ourselves living in our ideal home, but what exactly does it look like? What’s in it? What sort of smells will you smell when you wake up? What will you feel when you get out of bed?

Getting down to the specific feelings can help you become more invested in your dream and who you want to become.

It’s what these two ladies have done and they have Olympic gold medals under their belts.

Getting down to the specific feelings can help you become more invested in your dream and who you want to become.

It’s What The Successful Use

Take the case of Oprah Winfrey, one of the wealthiest women in the world, who used to be dressed in paper bags because her parents couldn’t afford clothing.

One of the things she used to practice when she was young was telling herself over and over again, this:

“My life won’t be like this. My life won’t be like this, it will be better.”

From a life that was incredibly bleak, she was able to turn her life around because she believed her life would be better.

It goes to show that when you visualize your life, your goals, and what you want to do, you need to believe in it.

Many people can and will use their own visualization against them. Their hunger for the lifestyle they want becomes a reason to not pursue.

I have no idea if Oprah visualized a life where she was one of the wealthiest women in the world. However I do know that it’s important to keep selling yourself on the idea and to get excited about it.

After you finish visualizing your life, attach affirmations to each aspect and repeat them on a daily basis.

My life won’t be like this. My life won’t be like this, it will be better.

Applying This

All in all these are tactics that are used and recommended by the top leaders of the self improvement world. Jack Canfield even has a post going into more depth. When you have a picture, the idea is to bring it back to the present.

As much as visualizing your future is great, I feel a lot of people get stars in their eyes and they still lack commitment. It’s the same concept with vision boards. Yes vision boards can be very helpful, but so many misuse it.

They get excited about it at first but they spend all this time on it. And in the end it becomes a sort of collage board of all the things you don’t have.

Again people get turned off by that because they realize that lifestyle on their vision board isn’t the life they are leading right now.

They become desensitized and lose commitment.

It’s a life that they wish they were leading.

And that’s the biggest keyword: WISH.

Wishing is great in your head, but what separates those who have gotten what they wished for and those who haven’t is purely action.

There are many other examples of people who took action on a wish. Jim Carrey wrote a check in the early 1990s for $10 million dollars. In 1993 he became a top actor, making millions off of his movies like The Mask, Liar Liar, Dumb and Dumber, and more.

Think what you may about Jim Carrey, but he didn’t become rich just by sitting and doing nothing. He didn’t just wish for a luxurious lifestyle, he worked for it, but believed in himself he could make it.

With his action, he knew what he needed to do. We all can do the same thing. You can visualize your life and take action to achieve your dreams.

What’s important though is you bring it back. To put yourself into those new shoes of yours. Because I’m sure that the other people I mentioned above, before they became well known, did that.

Our potential is vast, like the universe.

Jim Carrey thought in a way “How would $10 million dollar earner, A-List celebrity super star Jim Carrey respond to this?” Jim Carrey thought and responded in that fashion in his life from that point forward.

Oprah Winfrey asked herself “Is this what the Oprah who wants a better life would do?” She thought that and approached problems that way.

Even Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor would ask themselves “How would three times gold medal Olympians Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor plan out their offence and defence moves on the volleyball court?”

But the key thing is they were able to answer those tough questions because they visualized their life. Those individuals visualized their desired outcome and they knew what kind of people they needed to be in order to achieve it.

They didn’t just spend their day coming up with plans, vision boards, and play a few things in their head. No, they visualized, and forcefully put themselves into that situation.

It’s not something that can be done instantly. Some times it takes a lot of time, training, and effort. But I believe it’s possible. And the first big step is honestly to write everything down and then slowly bringing those things to your life bit by bit.

Try This

I challenge you to write out in detail what you want your life to look like. Visualize your life down to the fine details and then try to attract some of those things in your life.

You can try to do it all at once, practicing affirmations and taking action, but be focused on what you want to achieve in your life.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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Andrew · October 18, 2018 at 11:47 am

Dear Eric , Can I Visualize more than one goal at a time. Or should I visualize only one goal at a time and then go for the next goal only after i have successful results in each of my goals. I am bit confused many of my goals are connected to each other, Thanks and regards Andrew

    Eric Burdon · November 1, 2018 at 7:27 am

    Hi Andrew,

    Sorry it took a while to get back to you on this. I’ve been away for a few weeks. To answer your question I would suggest something that I’ve been doing as well in my life. For sure that’s visualizing a goal, but also dedicating some other time to other things. The thing is goals really like to compete with one another, even if they are closely related or connected to one another. You can either practice your cooking skills or run your restaurant as an example. Both desires are good, but you need to prioritize one. So I’d visualize one and spend as much time as you can on that before changing gears and focusing on some of the other aspects. I hope this helps!

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