Identify your strengths is a key thing to growing as an individual. It’s absolutely vital that we play to our strengths and that typically requires a lot of self-discovery.

Our strengths play into how we can best manage and lead people, but also what sort of methods work best for us to get things done too. It’s progress in it’s rawest form.

But when you are making the leap from a day job to working as an entrepreneur there is a massive disconnection. You begin to realize that a day job has plenty of resources available not to mention it puts you into a state of mind where you have to work.

It’s completely different when you want to work on side projects as there are no real deadlines and you have to find your own motivation.

So by identifying your strengths, you’ll be better able to use them to progress and grow. Not just in business, but in life in general.

But how does one do that?

How To Identify Your Strengths

Do A Critical SWOT Analysis

In business courses, we are taught a specific type of analysis called SWOT. It stands for Strenghts, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Normally these type of analysis prompts you to look at others businesses, but it pays immensely to do this for yourself. Naturally you’ll have a bit of a bias, so it’s why I’ve stressed to do a critical SWOT analysis. It’s setting aside your bias and taking a realistic look at those four things.

To do that, I’d personally ask myself four questions. Each one will address each one and the answers can help you in identifying your strengths. So as much as asking one question about strengths helps, it pays to answer all of them.

These questions are:

  • What personality traits define you today that you agree with?
  • What areas in your life are areas you want to grow more in and that you genuinely care about right now?
  • What sort of work is coming your way that you enjoy doing and get a lot?
  • What sort of big problems are you facing that you are trying to tackle right now?

These questions are key to ask and answer because these connect to many things. They identify your priorities and what sort of goals you should have at this stage of your life. Not only that but you also get a sense of what kind of work you excel at.

Seek Feedback

The second thing after the SWOT analysis is to get feedback from other people. The big idea here is to figure out if their answers align with the answers that you have come up for yourself.

But more often than not it might not always align with that as many people interpret things differently. Still that’s a good thing as they may be able to find some areas in your life that you haven’t quite thought of.

No matter what it is it is worth exploring as there are many facets of our lives that we should be focusing on. Of course, everything does have a cost to it and your colleagues and friends may not have the full picture, but since you know yourself, you can determine if this is worth focusing on right now or later.

Consider Personality Tests

Self improvement at it’s core is being able to understand yourself. If you understand yourself, the better your life will be overall. And the tools that capture that overall theme normally falls into personality tests. Some tests cost money but through them you can find some deeply personal and revealing information that can help you a lot.

I recently took a numerology test and through that, I’ve learned what type of person I’m like. Even though I have a good grasp of myself, it’s important for us to stay true to ourselves. It goes back to playing our strengths as if we choose to stray from the path we often feel weaker or lost.

But not everyone needs that in-depth personality test. At least not yet. There are plenty of free tests that you can try out on your own and they provide some good insight. After all, these tests are solely based on your answers so the accuracy of them will still be fairly good. One really popular test is the Jung Personality Test which is free to take. You can also consider some of the other strength personality tests in this article.

Identify Your Strengths

Finding your strengths is relatively easy, but it’s a matter of using them to the fullest. Once you know them, I encourage you to challenge yourself to find creative ways to apply them in life. Even use them to determine if you are going on the right path or not.

We all have different strengths and it’s absolutely vital that we find them and use them. They are what absolutely define us.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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