Life and video games have some similarities to them in the sense that in a lot of cases we need to level up. In order to get to the next level you need to have a certain move or item to progress. But in life, your next level may not require such a thing, in fact it might very well be a person.

I hinted at it on Sunday that some times finding someone who is doing better at life than you is good. As long as this individual is in the type of position that you want to be in.

In order to bring yourself to your next level, some times it’s asking the question “what does this person have and what are they doing to get there that I’m missing?”

That being said, some times you are missing that particular individual. That or you think you know the person, and follow them and find out they’re not who you imagined.

So how do we identify our next level and start growing from them?

Well I’ve got a few ideas in mind that I believe might help.

Ask Yourself Is This Person Well Known?

Of course it’s easy to look up to people like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett, but I believe these people are poor choices for a few reasons I’ll get into in a bit. At least for people like us who want to seriously grow.

What I mean by this question is is this person someone that is known in the community? Do they have at least some level of leverage in the industry? Or are they like the other hundreds of thousands of people that haven’t made a name for themselves?

My point is, I believe selecting someone who has some reputation is important, whether that’s in your local area or someone on a global scale.

The reason this is important is if this person has some level of recognition then it’s safe to say that this person is active within the community. Whether that’s in forums or on an industry level. It also means you can research them and get an impression of them before even choosing to follow them.

Ask Yourself Would This Person Take Time To Help You?

This is the big check for why I believe larger and more successful people wouldn’t be the greatest fit for me and you. By all means consume their content, buy their books and strategies and build a relationship with them. However this person won’t be a major player in your growth.

Even though it is quite possible to have these individuals influence our lives, they are standing at an indirect capacity. They can change you, but it’s entirely on you to make that change. The people that are actually around you in your day to day life are those that impact you the most.

What this question means is will the person take some time out of their day to help you? They are a good example for you to grow into if they are someone who will. Not every person has the time of day to do that.

Whether that’s through email, video chat, or in person it doesn’t matter. What’s important is having that person being able to instruct you, clarify things, and talk to you.

Ask Yourself Does This Push You To Be More

A good quality person is someone that will bring your next level up, however bonds are also important as well. True this person may be helping you to be a better cook, athlete, writer, or whatever, but are they pushing you to be a better person? Is what they’re telling you preparing you for reality.

I remember my first mentor I had was someone who was pushing me to be a better marketer and businessman. Even though that was great, my mentor wasn’t pushing me to be a better person.

His own world view wasn’t something that I agreed with entirely. He cared little for the people he was paid to serve. Even though that’s business, I feel it’s important long term to be the good and nice guy and serve others.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for conflicting views with your own. They expand your own world view. However when you are looking for someone to bring you to the next level, I believe you need someone that you feel good around but also they are actively motivating you.

Try This

Everyone can be a mentor, but not everyone can be your mentor. When you have a clear mind and know where you want to go, take the time to find someone that you know or want to know.

Either stand at a distance and mimic them or approach them and form a new connection. You never know where you might go with it!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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