Positive thinking is something that I have stood by for a long time. Through my application of it in my life it brought me hope for this business as well as brought me through some wild adventures.

When positive thinking brought me out of my depression episode 14 years ago, something in me changed a lot. Since then and when I started writing, I’ve begun to see positive thinking differently.

It’s developed to the point that I see it as more of a catalyst than anything else. A tool to spark some amazing things.

I’d like to explain some of that process to you in this post. How to use positive thinking as a tool to grow further.

What Positive Thinking Is

The first thing to realize is what thinking positively really is. Like I said above it’s a catalyst that’ll spring you into action. But that realization came to me after spending a long time thinking and being challenged by my views of what it is.

You see there are many people out there who claim that positive thinking is a number of things.

Some say it’s a way to reduce stress, and improve working skills and health. But on the other side, some say to think positively is possibly the worst piece of advice one can give, or can even ruin your life.

And each side has their own compelling arguments. On the positive side, many stand by popular books that tote its mystical powers. On the other, a lot of it boils down to peoples belief that positive thinking is magical thinking or personal stories.

I wouldn’t say both sides are wrong, but I feel that I have found an ideal balance.

And that balance came from spending time thinking and self-experimentation.

Specifically thinking about what thinking positively is and what it can really do for you. Because as much as I am a positive thinker, I recognize that I can’t will anything into existence. Not to mention I realize that bad things can’t be stopped if I “just think positively.”

But at the same time, I wouldn’t call positive thinking a complete hinderance in my life. Like I said above, this can be a powerful tool when you know how and when to use it.

And the best way to do that is to really sit down and explore it. Spend time thinking about what positive thinking means to you personally and don’t be afraid to apply it in various situations in your life.

Find The Best Way To Think Positively

The second thing you want to do is find what sort of activity will help you in thinking in a positive way. Much like a personal sanctuary can instill safety, there are activities that foster positive thoughts.

For me, that’s writing and walking. When I am with my own thoughts, I often use this opportunity to pump myself up. Not necessarily in affirmations, but in positive and hopeful thoughts or even coping with various issues that I may be dealing with.

For you, it’ll be different, but also how you plan to use positive thinking in the first place. Whether it’s similar to how I’m using it or something else, the idea is to lead positive thinking into something engaging.

Again, using this method as a springboard to lead you into positive action.

Positivity Is A Power

And a great power at that and shouldn’t be misused or abandoned. So use it wisely and spend some time discovering what it can do for you and the best way for you to manifest it.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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