#BetterMeNow Week 28

Lately, I’ve fully embraced a simple act: to take cold showers. This is a huge step for me as I’ve learned how to better take them, but also to commit to them. I tried in the past but ultimately failed over time. It’s natural for us to find comfort in the warm water in showers rather than cold.

But as I just said, I’ve started to embrace cold showers again and I’ve learned a trick in making it tolerable, and still get all the health benefits of a cold shower.

How To Take Cold Showers

First Start With Warm Water

For those first attempting to take cold showers, the difficulty is the sheer level of coldness. I am a shining example of why it can be an uphill battle to exclusively take cold showers. Sure it sped up the speed in which I showered, but the same can be done in warmer showers as well.

Instead, you want to be starting off with a warmer shower in general. This is perfect for beginners to ease into cold showers. All you have to do is take your shower as usual, and before you hop out, finish off by turning the heat off and standing in the cold water.

Some people suggest waiting for a few seconds before jumping in, however, I find this method a bit easier. My reasoning for this is it obviously takes a bit of time to make the switch in temperature. So while you are standing in there, you are still bathing in the warm water as it quickly turns from warm to cold. This strategy works nicely with the next step.

Sigh And Convince Yourself

One of the things I did early on is selling myself on the idea of this. To develop a great habit, you need to convince your brain this is a good idea. Even though there are many positive health reasons to take cold showers, that’s not enough to convince yourself. Again once we switch over to warm showers, it can be easy to forget about our friend cold showers.

So what I did early on was tell myself out loud how good it’ll feel to take cold showers. I basically used affirmations revolving around that. Over time my brain was sold on this.

What further cemented that was me sighing. There is a level of refresh feelings from all of this and I remind myself that by sighing. It’s a satisfying sound as opposed to people yelping or recoiling back. Those are natural instincts and I believe they can play a major role.

Again the challenging part of taking cold showers immediately is you are moving from room temperature to an immediate cold one. This is challenging since room temperature often times is warmer than the cold water you are slipping into. The beginner’s way prompts you to go from a higher and warmer temperature down to a colder one. It feels more refreshing.

In the end, this tactic can be used for all sorts of things, here’s a somewhat recent vlog of me talking about this.

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Make The Commitment: Take Cold Showers

This is but one small thing in your life and it can make a difference over time. What cold showers have taught me is just how powerful our minds can be. I still need to take cold showers more rigorously (I do more of a rinse for about 30 seconds when it’s recommended to take a minute), but it’s a huge step from where I was before.

It goes to show just how far I’ve come. I found myself doing that a lot, comparing who I was a few years ago to where I’m at now. But I still enjoy the journey and find it thrilling to see how our actions, what we tell ourselves and more can affect us over time.

I encourage you to take some cold showers and to try this strategy out for yourself. If you can manage to take cold showers like a boss, you’ll have a formula for tackling other things too!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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