We all have to deal with problems in our lives. It’s inevitable as much as some of us loath or dread them.

But today, I’d like to explain some of the joys of the process. Or at least make it not as painful. Because should we avoid our problems, we may be faced with some real issues.

Even the tiniest of circumstances can be detrimental. They can be the difference between stalling our progress and achieving growth. I know this all too well as this past week I’ve been making little progress on my weight loss.

I have confidence I’ll hit my goals. But this is something that can be dealt with and worth sharing the steps.

How To Spot And Deal With Problems

Identify Issues Early

The first step to deal with problems is to identify them. But I’d go a step further and focus on habits that could pose issues later too.

Looking at our problems is pretty easy. Figure out what sort of pains you have right now that are impacting your mood.

But the second part isn’t always going to be so obvious.

For example, the reason my weight loss has stalled is that I’ve been eating a few sweets. Sure it’s not contributing to weight gain, but it’s also not helping my case in losing weight either.

That issue isn’t so obvious either because it can be easily masked as me being addicted to sugar (a highly addictive additive in general) or having cravings. My body and brain are finding satisfaction in eating sweets even though it’s clearly bad and can pose health issues later.

Addressing things that could pose problems allows us to be more mindful. Not to mention making changes right now can allow us to stay on track of our goals. I’ve been able to break down a little of my weight once more after I stopped eating sweets.

Change Your Perspective

The second thing with any problem and how to deal with problems is to come up with solutions and take action. I know I’m sounding like a broken record here but I know that’s obvious, but it’s worth expanding that point.

Not only should we find solutions, but perhaps we are due for a change of perspective. Or maybe consider a different action we haven’t initially thought.

This week I struggled with pitching to clients a little bit and instead of doing the same thing, I pivoted. I focused on making an advertisement that I could use to pitch to groups.

Another angle you can think of is looking at problems in a different light. Maybe this problem isn’t a problem, but rather an opportunity to grow? That may be obvious to some, but I think it’s a skill that not many people are fully aware of how much it can apply to.

Deal With Problems

We each handle our problems in different ways and there is no one clear answer to it. But remembering those two simple steps of identifying and brainstorming is significant.

And by extension of that, taking note of other things that aren’t much of an issue but could stall us and thinking about other options can benefit us too.

The road to growth is long and hard but is quite rewarding too. We’re going to need every tool and resource we can leverage so I recommend using these as often as you can.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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