As I talked about in my post last week, I want to be taking active steps towards fixing my financial issues and grow wealth. During this time, I want to be sharing my motivations for fixing this problem but also talking about my view of money.

At the end of the day how we view money, wealth, and the rich does affect our own mindset a lot. If we think in scarcity a lot of us will be poor for a very long time. All the same, if we view money, wealth, and the rich in a negative light that too will impact our mindset.

For me, money is something necessary and I see it as a tool to do great things. As a result, how I’ve gained money and how I use money for the most part has been to improve myself or have the opportunities to network with other people. I’ve spent very little on investing in more money, but I’m not really at that stage yet.

The most I’ve had in recent years as “a lot of money” has been almost $500.

Still, I am hopeful that is going to change as I grow my wealth and use my wealth.

How you view wealth will affect how wealthy you are.

How To Grow Wealth - September's Plan


My intentions with these reports isn’t to be talking specifically about my goals. It’s about going into the details of money, my mindset, and what I am actively doing to change my financial situation.

All of this comes back to one of the many reasons for why I write and why I want to pursue this.

I want to be proving a point.

For a long time there have been many times I’ve held myself back and told myself I couldn’t do something. There have also been people as well who have suggested that as well or told me directly.

My intentions are to prove to them and myself wrong. Not for the sake of inflating my own ego, but to show that others can do this as well.

Obviously, this is going to be no easy task and some people may not agree with this but that’s okay. I’m not writing for those who doubt themselves so much that they discourage others. I’m writing for the people who aren’t taking the leap. And yet they want to so badly.

With that said, my intentions to grow wealth are in line with those things but I want to be helping people along the way.

That is important because that will dictate what it is that I’ll be doing in the first place. I’m not about to turn away from those values in order to grow wealth.

With this in mind, my actions are simple. I will be helping people indirectly AND directly.

Indirectly would be in forms much like this: writing on platforms, sharing my experiences and talking with people.

Directly would be through services and other ideas I have in mind. One such example is my members-only posts that I share on Medium.

Helping others is the best way to help yourself. Help others grow and you will grow with them.

Grow Wealth

To grow wealth, one needs a plan and already this plan is being set in motion. I’ve announced to one of my clients that I’m quitting on the 16th of September (I’ve even talked about how you go about that here.)

This is going to allow me time to work on my other existing client. But also to have more time to follow up on ideas I have in mind. I’ve got a lot of exciting things that I have in mind.

In the mean time, I’ll be making more tweaks and adjustments to the site. Furthermore I want to be writing more posts on Tuesday and recycling a few posts as well still. So don’t worry, I’ll still be around every Tuesday to share some content with you all!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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