The more that I get older, the more I come to deeply appreciate alone time. Even though I spend a lot of my time alone with little human engagement these days, there isn’t many cases of me doing nothing.

I’m always watching a video, playing a video game, writing, or reading.

There’s hardly any time these days where I actually stop and ask myself how I’m doing or think about what needs to happen moving forward.

To deeply appreciate alone time is to understand the benefits of alone time. But it goes beyond that simple understanding. To deeply appreciate alone time is to understand the benefits of it.

How To Deeply Appreciate Alone Time

It Enhances The Experience

I’ve talked before about why we need time alone as it allows ourselves to be more productive, connect with ourselves, and it changes how we view our problems. In general we should all be dedicating a bit of time to doing this on a daily basis or at least once every two or three days.

But a lot of times we don’t.

Like I said above, I don’t always have these days where I do my usual alone time ritual. I’m almost always engaged in something.

But what that means for me is that when I do have these times where I’m alone to my thoughts, I deeply appreciate alone time spent this way. I find that by doing that, the overall experience is more helpful.

By looking at where I’m at and where I want to go, things feel easier to achieve. Not only that but I use this opportunity to greatly boost my confidence and motivation to take action. After all, it’s easy to procrastinate.

It’s more or less showing gratitude for this experience. And gratitude has a way of improving everything in general. This is one layer to how we can show deeper appreciation for the time we spend alone.

It Boosts Focus On What Matters

As you can probably tell from what I said above when we deeply appreciate alone time, we use that time to look at ourselves on a deeper level. This changes everything as we’re not only looking at our self-discovery.

We look at our goals and where we are at. And for me I’ve started to move away from identifying my personality and focusing on those goals and objectives.

In other words, how to deeply appreciate alone time is to focus on the things that matter the most to our lives. Self-identification is important at the beginning, but in time we move past that and focus on where we want to go and imagine the life we want.

This also happens when we spend time alone and disconnected to begin with. However, when we deeply appreciate the time, we make the most of that time. And the less time we have, the more we prioritize on what matters.

It Cleans Mental Clutter

How we can deeply appreciate alone time we need to be clearing our minds of mental clutter. For sure being alone allows us to decompress and detox information, but not every person does that.

Like I’ve said above, my alone time is spent writing, reading, watching videos and playing video games. In general, I’m still consuming hours of information even though I’m by myself.

Genuine alone time is taking the time to chill out and do very little concentration. For sure there are periods of thinking like figuring out the next steps and determine goals. But there is also that time where you clear out mental noise.

How we deeply appreciate alone time is to decompress all the information that we’re consuming over the day. Again, focusing on what really matters to us and to our own views.

Through that, we can show deeper appreciation for the time that we spend alone.

Deeply Appreciate Alone Time

A deeper appreciation for the things in our lives boils down to looking at things on a deeper level. Of course, some of it can come down to our own imagination, but I feel these deeper levels are significant in our own journeys.

This deeper appreciation for my alone time has reminded me why I need to disconnect at times. That and perhaps better manage my time whenever I’m watching a video or playing a video game.

And sometimes these reminders are all that we need in order to change our lives in a big way.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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