Declutter your life. It’s a simple piece of advice that can honestly be taken in many different ways. For some, people think it’s a matter of cleaning up your workspace. But some think it’s more.

As Groom and Style suggests in an extensive article on decluttering life, there are not only physical things but emotional as well. After all, some of the things we accumulate is all because we might feel guilty because it was a gift. Or maybe it reminds us of someone near and dear to us.

Decluttering these days is something deeper. And now that we’re slowly getting into Spring, I feel it’s important to take some extra steps to fully declutter ourselves. Here is how I’ll do mine.

Ditch Old Habits, Renew Others

I weighed myself yesterday and grew a bit of a heavy heart when I looked at the scale: 211 lbs. Compared to my weight after the 6-week challenge, it’s quite clear that my maintaining strategy isn’t working.

How I see it is that the habits that I’ve built up after the challenge and over the winter season are habits worth ditching. But like with all habits, it’s difficult to quit them unless you find a suitable replacement.

And so I did.

On Monday, I’ll be following a specific meal plan, talking to a health coach, and overall finding more sources of motivation to help me get back on track.

I knew this was going to be the case for me once spring rolled around, but it’s better to get on this stuff now rather than say it in the past and never do it.

If you’re passionate about something and desire a change, you want to make your actions speak for you.

And I feel that this is a good way to declutter your life as often times new habits or renewing habits is exciting. It breathes new life into you and sets aside some of the things that hold us back.

Try Something New

And on the note of renewing habits, it also pays to do something different. Something that you wouldn’t normally do. That or something that you haven’t done in a long time.

As we are approaching springtime, the more I feel excited for trying out new ideas for my business. Not only that but I’d like to step up my writing considerably.

For those following me on Medium, I’ve taken the liberty of posting on there excessively more than here. While I tend to write more personal pieces on here, Medium is a place where I house experiments and grow my writing further.

Some of that has seeped into how I write today. Which honestly is writing with more emotion and being more attached to the pieces I write.

All in all, it’s an exciting experience for me and I find it’s a way to declutter my own life. It’s allowed me to refine my skills and really look at my writing and how I can grow it. I’m starting to find that writing more vulnerable pieces like this one can help me stand out. Not to mention talking about some long-standing habits that have helped me a lot such as gaming.

Sometimes what clutters us is emotions and the best way to let them out is to find a healthy outlet. For me, that’s writing and recently it’s writing in a unique way. Even if it’s something I shouldn’t really be airing out, I want to. Not because I can, or that I must. But because I am who I am. A rebel.

My point is that your healthy outlet could be changing up how you do something. Or maybe discover something else entirely.

Be Bold

But the biggest thing I think about with decluttering your life is to honestly be bold. Be firm with yourself about what you want to do and explain why you want to do it.

Decluttering your environment is one thing, but decluttering your life takes commitment. It’s as I said above, developing new habits, setting new goals, experimenting and trying something new.

And those sorts of things scare people a lot.

You might think it’s all hog wash but it’s true.

I’ve been trying to drop to 175 pounds for a very long time. The closest I’ve ever gotten was when I made a commitment. I started to challenge myself in a big way.

Up to that point I was a little bit of action and a little bit of talk. So now I know better. And I recognize that these roadblocks are pretty serious for people because deep down I was like that.

I was just scared for whatever reason.

And that blocked me from making commitments.

So be sure to be bold with your commitments and do whatever it takes. Do what I did where I put my money on a health challenge even though it financially crippled me. Or maybe don’t go to that extreme and consider apps like StickK where you can wager a more comfortable amount. Enough that if you fail it’ll hurt you more than to do whatever you vowed to do.

Declutter Your Life

The idea behind decluttering your life is it needs to spring you into action and I feel these will work. Mainly because these have worked well for me in the past.

So now that we are getting more into spring, I’d encourage us all to not only clean through our house but take some time to look at our lives. Figure out what sort of changes we can make.

But do keep in mind to pace yourself. You don’t want to be trying to do several different things at once.

What I’d say is this:

  • Focus on a habit that you can grow and challenge yourself to experiment with it.
  • Think of one habit that you’ve ditched that you know is really good for you and bring it back into your life.
  • And finally, if you want some more challenge, look into developing a new habit or starting something new for you.

Try these things out and I’m sure you can declutter your life a little more.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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