How To Deal With Problems In Life

Yesterday I woke up with my leg feeling more in pain that before. Normally after working out I’d feel stiff the next day, however this feels worse than stiffness. Regardless this sort of issue in my life brings forth one thing. I’m facing a problem in my life. But we all face problems in life. It’s a natural part of our own lives.

However we all respond to problems differently, thinking that our method is the best way to deal with conflict. However I believe that one approach doesn’t solve all problems. In fact, we should be open to multiple approaches to issues.

Taking Problems At Face Value

Regardless of the situation, problems in life are simply lessons in life. Like this pain in my leg. I got this because I pushed myself too hard. Even though I didn’t feel that was the case, my body responded by making me feel pain in one area. It’s painful to the point that I’m not able to jog.

Did I learn my lesson? I think so. This is but a reminder to myself that though pushing myself is great, remember to take breaks and rest easy. This is what happens when you walk for 50 minutes and jog 10 minutes for seven days straight. You need a breather in between.

Problems Aren’t Failures Or Frustrating

Even though at the time it does suck. Some people will want to respond to problems with anger or disappointment. But bashing yourself or harming other people isn’t the right answer. Sure it makes you feel better, however it’s only brief and can cause more issues.

Problems are only failures when you choose to ignore what was created from that problem. In other words if you didn’t learn anything or choose to look back at that painful experience, then it’s a failure. There is always a lesson to be learned from a problem.

Much like with injuries (at least this one in my case) there is a lesson in there. Perhaps you need to train yourself in that area more? Or your perception of how good that body part in particular is incorrect.

I know I take great pride in my legs. I can walk for literally the entire day and feel great the next day. But clearly getting into jogging was what got my leg into this spot.

Being Passive Or “Moving On” Doesn’t Help

But never under any circumstance back down or “move on” from the problems you face in your life. By doing those things, I believe you are ignoring the problem, or in essence, the lesson.

Just because my leg is in pain doesn’t mean I should stop jogging. Again my lesson is to take some breaks when necessary. Perhaps jog for two maybe three days and then go for a longer walking session.

Dealing with problems is a matter of finding an active solution. One that addresses the old problem but continues to propel you forward. Moving on I believe is ignoring the problem. To some level you acknowledge it, yet you are reluctant to looking back at it.

There were many issues that I faced when I was younger that I “moved on” from. Those problems in life are still things that appear in flashes. I can’t go back and deal with them all because I decided to ignore them. Or that I was passive about it.

What Are Some Ways You Address Problems?

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Eric S Burdon

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