One of the biggest issues I’ve had in my health journey is stagnant weight. It’s being at a certain number for extended periods of time no matter how hard you try to lose weight. Before I started this challenge, the magic number was 215 pounds. Hence why I made a big deal of it in my first week after passing it.

During the challenge, it was 209.

By the time that this post is out, I crushed that stagnant weight by weighting in at 203.5 pounds.

How did I do this?

How did I pull off dropping this much weight this late into the challenge?

Well, I have a few tricks. And a lot of it comes down to careful consideration and understanding of my body. What I’m about to discuss here is something that I’d recommend you try carefully and maybe for not that long either.

How To Break Stagnant Weight

A Week Of “Fasting”

Throughout this week, I was doing a little bit of fasting, but not quite. I simply went down from having three meals a day to two meals a day. I started actually on Saturday last week and was surprised that the next day, despite only doing some walking, I dropped from 209 to 207.5.

I tested it again on Sunday and dropped to 206 by the start of this week.

This got me thinking of trying out this strategy throughout the week with a few things in mind.

First, the meals that I have should be plentiful in nutrients.

Second, I only do this on days where I’m recovering.

Friday’s Supper

The reason being is that fasting is depriving yourself of valuable nutrients. It’s important for all of us, especially if you’re working out, to be eating properly. 

But for me specifically, I hit a problem via this stagnant weight. This demanded me to change how I approached this challenge. That is if I really want to hit my target weight.

Tuesday’s Lunch

Understand And Listen To Your Body

As I mentioned before, my biggest issue before was portions. I was eating three or two meals per day, however, when I did, they were massive. During this challenge, my meal portions changed drastically from what I used to eat. It’s only been in this instance where I’ve skipped a meal thus having less food. But I’m supplementing it by adding extra ingredients in the dishes. These still align with my diet and are portioned properly.

All of this came to be because I listened to my body and paid attention to my weight.

I said before it’s important to be able to answer three important questions:

What’ll help me gain weight?

What’ll help me maintain weight?

Whats going to help me lose weight?

I think these important and it’s for this reason why I’ve gone down this route. The diet is good, however I found for a solid week, having three meals per day and working out at the gym is only going to keep me at that stagnant weight.

So instead, I had to mix the formula up a bit.

I had to ensure I had enough nutrients to get me through the day and also not pass out during the day and especially during workouts. This forced me to add extra ingredients and have more foods with more vitamins and nutrients.

So far the diet that I’ve had has helped me to achieve just that.

And all that came from me listening to my body.

Thursday’s Supper

Break Stagnant Weight

Don’t mistake this, this is an outlier week and I don’t plan on doing this long term. Between working out right now and sticking to the meal plan I think it’s important for me to stick to the meal plan.

However in this unique position where I’m betting to hit a target weight, it’s different. I don’t want to be on a stagnant weight for long in a challenge where every day counts. So I need to make the most of it by being at least a little creative.

All the while listening to my body throughout it. And so far I haven’t really been punished for it.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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