When it comes to my business, it’s not often these days that I feel that I’m running around in circles with it. Before, I felt I was running around a lot! And most times it was because of the goals that I set. I eventually had to be eliminating goals in the name of productivity.

Of course, tossing out goals is easy, you simply stop trying to achieve them. But which ones will be the ones you need? Which ones will bring you to the lifestyle that you want to achieve?

As a business owner, my end goal is to run a business where I’m not needed 24/7. As a small solopreneur writer, there’s not a huge need for me, but I’m also not making much money either.

This puts me in a position…

Where I need goals that move me to where I want to go. But at the same time they also don’t cost me my life.

For a lot of people they are in a similar boat. You are faced with two scenarios: Working all day and not getting enough to get by, or have enough to get by but have no time to enjoy your efforts.

So here is my approach to eliminating goals from your life, as I’ve recently dropped another one this week.

First thing is find your why

Whenever it comes to goal setting and goals, and even life in general I’ve been asking “why?” Why are you setting this goal? Why are you moving in this direction?

Of course finding a why can provide great motivation but it also weeds out the unnecessary goals. For example, for weeks I’ve been setting a daily writing goal. On top of every post I’ve been publishing on Medium, and here, I wanted to write more.

On a theory stand point this makes sense. I am practicing more of my writing ability than before. But that argument falters once you start asking more questions.

Determine it’s purpose and tie that back with your why.

In other words, does your goal push you in the direction you want to go in? For myself I don’t see the benefit of practicing more writing.

I think it would be different if I was someone who didn’t write as frequently. However 11 posts per week is still a fair bit of content. Especially if each post is roughly 500-600 words.

Not to mention that that particular goal doesn’t necessarily push me towards my big picture why: seeing a pay cheque. Yes the practice can help me in becoming a better writer, but that’s it.

I think it’s more important to be consuming other peoples content as well. Not to mention the writing from this goal wouldn’t be published anywhere. As much as writing is good, reading other peoples work can be helpful in a number of situations.

And lastly…

Do you feel motivated to accomplish it?

I don’t believe in having a stronger why will fix the problem. It’s much like that quote:

You will either do it or find an excuse.

And I believe that.

Even though there are certainly times where I do write those extra words, I don’t feel like I’m getting any closer to my goal. Most other times I don’t even feel compelled to complete it, even with a why.

My point is it shouldn’t be something you need to worry about if the goal is giving you fake busyness. That’s when you feel busy, but you’re not getting anywhere.

It’s at a point where eliminating goals that are like that is actually more productive than doing them.

Remember your direction, follow it, and keep testing goals to see what works and what doesn’t. Goals are things that are meant to push you forward, not pull you back.

What sort of goals are you setting for this week? Leave a comment below!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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