#BetterMeNow Week 29

It may seem shocking at first, seeing as my track record to exercise daily is practically non-existent. However, I managed to make one small, yet very important step this week that is worth celebrating.

And talking about.

I managed to exercise every single day this week.

It’s not an easy thing for me to do. You can look at my vlogs and you’ll see plenty of times my struggles, the excuses I put up, and more. But I managed to get past all that and achieved something great. Today I’d like to share how I pulled that off.

Moreover, this strategy I’m about to share can be used in other areas of life as well, not just with exercising daily.

How I Managed To Exercise Daily

I Got Into It

Let me ask you something:

“What level commitment are you at to make that change in your life?”

This was a question my mentor asked me last week and I answered that being healthy was a priority. Like a 7 or an 8 on a scale of 1-10. The thing is though that if I was that committed to it, I should’ve been exercising every day and not even feeding myself bullshit.

Yet I very much was.

I’ve said before you need to make the commitment and I meant that.

Making the commitment is a vital step towards change.

So I stopped talking about it and for once took that advice and got into it.

It doesn’t matter so much about the reason, however, one big factor to consider is that question.

What I realized from this experience is how committed I am and lining that up with my actions. It was clear I was bullshitting myself because my health was a priority, yet I didn’t take active steps towards changing it.

Sure I’m writing about it every week, but that alone isn’t enough.

I could’ve been writing about all sorts of tips as opposed to sharing my journey and progress.

If I want to be showing my journey and progress, I need to create that. The more I bullshit myself the harder it gets to show that. Furthermore the harder it gets to put together these posts. This brings me to my second point.

What level commitment are you at to make that change in your life?

I Use My Emotions To Motivate Me

I talked about this in a video I uploaded yesterday: using emotions to drive motivation. This alone worked wonders.

Like I said above, even though writing about my progress every week isn’t a strong motivator, my emotions are. When I feel I didn’t make much progress over the week, I notice it.

When I go to write about these posts I have to recall back to the progress that I made. I’ve started to use that feeling of regret and emptiness as a means to motivate myself.

That alone is one more reason I should be making progress and pushing myself.

Despite the chance of manipulation, our emotions can also be used to motivate ourselves. There have been many times where people have used their emotions to create active change. No doubt every success story you have heard about has used this.

It’s effective. Even on a small scale such as this.

I Take Cold Showers

Moving away from the more mental things, there is also one other aspect that has kept me going. Even though my exercise routine is 15 minutes, it’s an intense 15 minutes. In the beginning, I look alright. Those are the clips I tend to show in my vlog. But by the end of it, I’m sweating.

It’s gotten to the point that I actually grew warts on my feet. The first time this has ever happened in my life. Although you can pick them up at the gym, I think I got them more from the fact I wear the same socks pretty much all the time. It’s advised to change socks frequently and clearly, I haven’t been doing that.

Anyway, the thing is, the intensity of this workout would be more than enough to get me sore the next day. I recall in the past, having a similar routine and waking up sore the next day. But clearly, this isn’t the case now.

The main reason for that is the fact that I am taking cold showers.

I talked last week about how to take them properly. But one of the major benefits of cold showers is that it speeds up muscle healing. Thus I work out early in the morning, followed by a cold shower, I am back to my usual self 24 hours later.

How this can translate to other aspects of life is simple: learn to relax and find some ways to wind down. In the end, cold showers are part of my routine because they help me to relax. It’s gotten to a point now where I can stand in the shower for a length of time no problem. Thanks in part to how I approached cold showers now.

Try This

This simple strategy has driven me to new heights.

  • First I found an incredible source to motivate myself forward.

  • I then follow it up with something relaxing, a reward.

So by going through this cycle every day, it’s very easy for myself to get into it, and stay committed.

This can be used in other areas of life as well and I encourage you to try it out in other areas!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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