It may seem obvious to suggest that getting customers to love you is good business practice, but that doesn’t stop thousands of business ignoring it every single day. Of course, smart bosses know that any positive experiences their customer has while interacting with their business will positively affect their perception of your company and the likelihood they will buy more items. To that end, it’s crucial to ensure that you are giving them the best service possible. Read on to find out how.  

Happy customers are good for business.


Be Timely. 

We live in the digital age, where nearly every communication, and often some purchases are instantaneous. What that means is if you are making your customers wait, or using up their time in an inconsiderate way, they are going to get annoyed.

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In fact, there are several key examples of this that your business needs to avoid if you want to offer them the best service possible. The first one is to make sure they don’t have to jump through lengthy hoops to register on your site and buy your product.

After all, you have probably invested quite a bit of money in getting them to the stage where they are ready to click ‘buy’ on your website, so losing them at the last hurdle is just daft. Luckily, there ways that you can prevent this including by swapping to a low-friction identity verification service on your apps or site. Then you can offer a high level of security without delaying or annoying your customers.

Another critical issue to be aware of here is delivery times. In fact, Amazon has really set the bar high with Prime here, and what it has done is effect everyone’s expectations. What this means is that if you have a product available but it will take a week to reach a customer, and a next day service has it in stock, even if it costs more they are likely to go with the latter. Basically, no one wants to wait for their goods, so getting around this by making them instantly accessible online, or offering fast, free delivery is crucial if you’re going want to make your customers fall in love with you.

Be Polite At All Times

One of the pillars of good customers service is that you actually need to be helpful to the person you are interacting with. Of course, that can be challenging when they are screaming at your representatives down the phone, or slating your business on social media and review sites.


However, what you need to remember is that customer service is no longer something that is between you and just a single person but is a way of winning the hearts and minds of other potential customers as well. In fact, while replying with a witty comeback may feel satisfying in the moment, it’s much better to stay calm and profession and to keep offering a relevant solution to the issue you customer is having as this will help them to repair your relationship and ensure they have a favorable view of your business.

Always Deliver What You Promise

There’s nothing more frustrating from a customer’s point of view than a company that promises them the world and then fails to deliver. Sadly, this is something that happens all the time because business are so keen to make a sale and get contracts agreed that they say yes to every question without even thinking about whether they can perform.

To that end, it’s absolutely vital that you do what you have agreed to do for your customers and that your products does what it promises. Otherwise, quite rightfully they are unlikely to think of your company as the best, and could even go elsewhere with their custom.

Listen To Their Opinion

There are a raft of people in business whose job it is, either directly or indirectly, to sell things to people. In fact, there are academic specialties devoted to this including business management, marketing, and website site design, to name but a few.

Of course, all of this expertise has enormous value, but it absolutely has to be underlined with knowledge of what your customers really want, something that means you have to listen to them first.

In fact, while Steve Jobs used to pride himself of coming up with an idea and then selling it to people, he may well have been the exception that proves the rule. The reason being that without getting people’s real needs, opinions, and reactions, all of the work you put towards your sale effort has no guarantee of being effective. To that end, if you want your customers to think you are the best thing since sliced bread, open your ears and be prepared to truly listen to what they have to say.


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