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It is no secret that being in debt can stress you out but could you use your money management techniques to do one better and actually keep you happy and healthy?

The answer is yes.

Your money is the best resource you have for bringing as much happiness to your life, but it is also worth spending wisely to improve your health too. How you allocate funds is particularly important and the way you choose to spend could influence your whole life.

So, where to begin?

Covering Your Back

We can’t prevent illness or accidents but we can plan for them. This is the point of having insurance plans and getting the right plan for your needs is essential. You might go with health insurance that covers you for lost working days but getting dental included is a good idea and you should read more on the subject.

As well as getting the right insurance you should plant to save as much as possible each month without stifling your healthy lifestyle. Regularly sending money to your savings through a direct debit is an easy way to save without really noticing too much but there are a few money hacks you might like to try.

Investing in the Future

Saving should be a part of everyone’s financial plan but are you spending well too? Investing in a gym membership could be just the motivation you need to get fit but e qually, spending money on your own equipment could be a great idea too. This is the part where you work your money to get the best results.

Figuring out where to spend a little more is always fun but figuring out where that money will benefit you in the future is even better. It might be the small things like investing in a juicer or it could be bigger like going on walking holidays. Whatever it is, you should gain the opportunity to achieve either a fitness goal or a health goal.

Discovering What Makes You Happy

Happiness and healthiness are linked. This is the best possible news as it clearly shows that you should be aiming for a well-rounded life where feeling great and being healthy can – and should – both be possible at once!

However, discovering what makes you happy and keeps you healthy is a little more nuanced. Of course, eating chocolate makes you happy but eat too much and you will become overweight and put yourself at risk of diabetes. So really, what we are talking about is finding the balance.

Often the things that have the biggest impact on your happiness are the things that give you a sense of worth. And, even better, these things are usually healthy too! For example, finishing a race gives you a rush of adrenaline that makes you feel great but volunteering with a local community group will make you feel good too. Neither of these things have anything to do with money – instead, you are investing time. What could be better?


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