Last week you all didn’t get a post about my health because I’ve more or less been in hibernation mode.

I apologize for last week but the reality is not that much happened last week. And this week hasn’t been that eventful for a few specific reasons.

The Injury

The biggest thing is because I’m injured. My middle finger on my dominant hand is sliced open. And even while the wound is healing, it’s best that I don’t try to strain it.

Of course, nothing is stopping me from doing a few exercises outside of using my hands such as sit-up and core exercises. That’s something that I’ll be working on for the future. But at the same time, there’s not much I can be writing about regarding that. I’ve convinced myself to be in hibernation mode which means I’m more focused on maintaining rather than actively losing weight.

For the time being.

Winter Is Here

Part of that decision has stemmed from me looking at my goals and my track record thus far. So far I’ve been struggling a lot to go for walks during this time.

However, exercises indoors I’ve been doing with no issues whatsoever.

This leads me to believe that I’m more keen on exercising indoors and it feels more natural for me. Despite the fact I walk everywhere, I tend to use that if I have specific destinations in mind.

Not only that but I’d have to convince myself to go and walk for an hour out in the cold.

And I think it would be easier to be more active during the winter if I lived somewhere closer. Say like in town.

It’s one of the many reasons why I’m more convinced to be getting the money to move out right now and building it up for September.

I’m More Focused On Work

This leads me to my third reason for why I’m in hibernation mode: my commitment to work. Right now, my work is a larger priority than my health.

I still wish to maintain it so I’ll be keeping an eye on it, however, I feel that not much will be changing for the foreseeable future.

I might gain a bit of weight or lose a bit, but things will stay the same.

But that doesn’t mean I’m stopping this series or starting to skip writing something up for Sunday.

Last week was my mistake. But I’d rather not have a repeat of last week just because I’m in hibernation mode. I want to continue to write and produce content and that is exactly what I’ll do.

It simply won’t be on my health for the time being as I feel the weeks will be repetitive.

And even in the future, I feel that writing about it periodically would be smarter. As long as there is something that you all stand to gain moving forward.

So this post is more or less an announcement.

I’m In Hibernation Mode

I’m in hibernation mode. I’ll still be making steady progress but in terms of writing about it, there isn’t much I can be talking about and sharing it with you.

I know in the future things will begin to change. My plan is to move out in September and live in an apartment (finally) and from there I’ll have all sorts of things planned.

And I believe being in town will open up new opportunities for me. But it’ll also help me in other areas in which I lack certain things.

After all, for me to get anywhere I need to walk an hour to get to it. And yes people have said time and again to get a license and start driving a car but that’s only going to create more issues rather than solve them right now.

Instead, I feel it’s best to be focusing on what I’m doing right now. Grow a little bit, but ultimately work on the larger picture.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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