At the core of who I am, I am a writer. And as my writing abilities continue to expand (in the form of posts that can be found on Dear Blogger, Just How Cool Is That, and Jordan Ring’s blog) I believe it’s important for me to answer this one question. Why do I write? Well here is why I write.

Here is why I write

More specifically here is why I choose to write as much as I do. For those who are new to my blog, you’ll notice I write every day.

Mind you I do some post cleaning now and again on my older work. But I’m sure seeing a post every day consistently since the beginning of this year is enough to say I post daily.

But why do I go to that extreme to posting that much?

In the end it boils down to a lot more than just “it’s my passion”. It’s a passion, but it’s also the best way I can express myself.

In our lives we express things in different ways. Of course we have the basics through emotions and words, but we have a variety of mediums in order to do that. We can express emotions through music, in paintings, photography or in videos and more.

Out of the many possibilities, I choose writing for myself as I have history with it.

I was told to write when I tried to break out of my shell

I found that keeping a journal and writing about my emotions helped. I used it once in a while to sort out emotions that I was dealing with. At the beginning I used this periodically before committing fully to blogging.

Now it’s used for so much more. My point in all of this though

I turned a passion into a way of life

Or a habit into a routine as it were. And I know that I can do that with so many other things that I am currently doing in my life. Like exercising.

The thing is though it’s at a point where it’s challenging. Much like with developing habits, there’s going to be road bumps along the way. No doubt you are facing some challenges as well.

But continue to press on. And better yet find why exactly you are doing this. I’ve talked about why’s before, why setting goals and such, but why are you choosing to go down this path as opposed to others?

What are you currently pursuing in your own life?

Leave a comment down below!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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