The first week of the new year for me has kicked off with an unexpected twist: a healthy vacation. One of my uncle’s has gotten a knee operation done recently and is restricted mainly to the house. Since he is living alone, it’s important for someone to be looking after him and making sure that if something happens, someone can help him out.

So in a sense this is a vacation for me since I’m residing in a different house since Thursday afternoon. But it’s not really seeing as I’m still working.

But the reason why I say it’s a healthy vacation is mainly to do with the lifestyle that my uncle has. Sure he’s limping and hobbling about, but his lifestyle hasn’t changed drastically.

This is a good thing for me because I’d like to get back to losing more weight and saw this as a good opportunity to do so. Here’s why I took advantage of a healthy vacation.

A Healthy Vacation

It’s Inspiring

This vacation is drastically different than a typical vacation of course, but it still has a lot of the benefits of one. A chance in scenery for me has helped me a lot (even though I’ve been indoors most of the time) amongst other things. But it’s particularly inspiring for me to be around my uncle.

Mainly because he is going through a recovery process and has to do specific things.

The fastest way to recover from a knee replacement operation is to practice a series of leg exercises and to be moving around a bit.

What this means for me is that I’m not always going to be sitting around all day.

On top of that I can partake in my own form of exercises while my uncle does his. That way he doesn’t feel all alone when he is doing his.

It’s also inspiring to see him making progress every single day as well. He’s good about letting me know when things are improving. Not to mention he is comparing his progress to the last knee replacement operation he had before.

It’s a reminder for me that if I keep working at improving my health day after day, I’ll get better too.

A Healthy Diet

I was informed by my dad before coming down to visit that my uncle eats a lot differently than most people. Different meaning a lot healthier than usual.

However I can say now what my uncle is eating is not that far off from what I was having during my 6-week weight loss challenge. As such, I’ve been having the same meals as my uncle with only a few shifts in some cases. Mainly to eat up on food I bought that he doesn’t plan to be eating when I leave on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Either way, his diet – while ‘bland’ – is a diet that I enjoy and plan to follow again when I get back home. Even though I’m free to eat whatever I like, I think spending time with my uncle has done a lot for my eating habits as well.

Growth From A Healthy Vacation

On a health standpoint, I took a healthy vacation as a means of relaxing a little bit. But the real reason was to ease me back into the lifestyle that I wish to have. This is a new year for me and there is a lot of work that I need to be doing.

So having this healthy vacation right now was ideal in getting me back on track and preparing myself for this new year.

Here’s to a new year!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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