Have You Ever Tried Healthier Ways To Relax?

Stress and modern life a synonymous with each other these days. There’s simply no way of getting around it, being stressed is just a part of life. But do you have to tolerate it? The first thing you need to do is accept that life is going to tense up your nerves, you will at some point in the day or week breathe deep and trying to stop the heat of the situation from getting to you, and you will snap at people or at least feel like you want to. Think about what we go through nowadays. We work 8 to 10-hour shifts as normal. That’s perhaps never been done by the majority of the population for more than 100 or 150 years. So many people have jobs which means to get anywhere you will always be competing. Competing for that seat on the train, trying to walk faster than those in front of you to catch that bus, get to the shops and be done before others that came in with you, and try to beat traffic etc. All this is to save you time, stop you from being late, or just generally live life quicker than those around you. Usually the things we do to relax end up harming us, such as drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and comfort or pleasure eating. There are healthier ways you can unwind and forget about the world for just a moment and relax.

It’s not quite zen but…

Let’s be honest, meditation is a cliche avenue that many people try to get into when they need to relax. It’s a bit over the top for many people because there’s no such thing as being ‘zen’. That’s purely a mythical state of being, but what can be done is the control of your thoughts. Zen and meditation try to encourage the mind to empty, but that is scientifically impossible because the only way to do that is to either engage in sleep or shut off your conscious mind. The latter would mean literally ceasing electro neurons in your brain. In fact you will find that the more you try not to think, your mind starts to race and all kinds of thoughts, problems, wishes, worries, anxieties, and other things pop into your mind.

Instead of this, you can do something even simpler. Naps are a great way to restore your energy, but sometimes even when you’re tired your mind refuses to slow down and actually go to sleep. Something might have happened to you in the day that got you really annoyed or you’re simply in a strange physical state whereby your mind is not tired but your body is.

Find a quiet room in your home. Lay on your bed or on a flat surface that is comfortable such as a carpeted floor. Close your eyes and relax your eyes, but keep them pointed naturally i.e. up to the ceiling. Put your hands on your stomach and bind your fingers in between each other with your palms flat. Now, lay here and focus on keeping your eyelids shut and keeping your eyes from moving. That’s it, two little things. Don’t focus on stop thinking, don’t focus on the sounds you hear, don’t move around. Keep your legs together but straight. Focus on not moving your eyes and keeping your eyes shut. This will calm your brain activity as you have given it a task to focus on, but it’s not complex so it’s not taxing either. Do this and you could fall asleep naturally or simply feel a lot calmer.

Swap the alcohol for something else

Alcohol does work to relax you. This much cannot be denied but what also cannot be rebuked is that it does plenty harm to your body also. Alcohol immediately gets stored as fat in your body. There are literally no nutritious values to it, so the body can only take the drink and convert it into energy i.e. fat cells. Alcohol can easily damage your brain cells, make your cognitive skills poorer and of course you will smell bad and your teeth and gums begin to slowly rot. Even with a sensible approach, alcohol is simply not good for you. If you’re going to count the effects it has whether positive or negative, the positive is you feel relaxed but that is temporary, the negative is that your body takes numerous hits such as the heart, liver, kidneys, face, mouth and fat builds up. Your digestion can also slow.

No matter what you think of marijuana, it has never been linked to any kind of fatal disease. In fact some studies have shown that with regards to medicinal use it can help people with poor eyesight. There is no way to actually overdose on marijuana either, unlike alcohol poisoning. These days in countries like Canada you have access to mail order marijuana of many different varieties. You can have specific flavors such as bubble gum, blueberry, grapefruit and even banana split. Prices currently are ranging from $160 to upwards of $400 for large amounts. However for around 4g it’s around $2.50 and for 67g it can be $20.00. It all depends on how much you’re willing to spend but comparing it to alcohol, it’s around the same prices for the amount of relaxation you get per pack. It’s also great for treating aches and pains, helping people to get to sleep when suffering from insomnia. Those that have muscle spasms can have their nerves calm down after smoking marijuana. Nausea is also lessened. There are many benefits to smoking marijuana but it is a drug, so you should take it in moderation. Try other methods to relax first. If all else fails then you can smoke a little bit to help you as and when needed.

Meditation can sometimes work but it is not something that should be looked at as the holy grail of relaxation. Minds cannot be told to shut off when you want them to, but you can focus on something that is simple and maintain that focus until your mind slows down. Alcohol can relax you but the disadvantages are simply too imbalanced. Smoking marijuana sensibly can be the better option.

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