Look around you and every single person you know has some kind of money problems. From being in debt, all the way down to people living on the streets begging for change. It’s no wonder people are struggling with finances.

I understand that finances can be a “boring thing”. When I was pursuing accounting, many people revealed to me their overall distaste for numbers, budgets, and balancing. But in order to fix your money problems, you have to come to terms with the fact it’s important to know about the finance world.

This article will present some solutions to your money problems, but the underlying fact is that we need to start changing how we see money and use it.

Have Money Problems? Here Is How To Fix Them

Saving Money Is Smart

The first thing to understand with making money is that it’s easy. We live in a capitalist society where we all have the opportunity to make money. All we need to do is provide some form of assistance.

But the difference between me and you and the wealthy is spending habits. Where does the rich spend their money? And how do they save their money? Our answers are where one of the many differences lay.

I remember in a Tai Lopez webinar he said that if your parents started working from their late teens to early 40s they’d be millionaires.

The only thing that gets in the way is of course you need to spend money to survive. But even still, it’s in our nature for us to spend money on other things as well. Sometimes a little too much. Take for example coffee. When it comes to budgeting, I find a lot of times we turn to our daily spending habits first in order to save money. On that list is typically coffee as most people drink it.

In the end, humans are great money makers. But the problem is we are terrible money savers. The ones who have made it big learned that and started to do something about it. They didn’t have to do any crazy tactics. Sometimes making some small adjustments and paying a careful eye to expenses helps a lot. Home Viable wrote an article recently on saving money and provides some clear and reasonable tips.

One of the many differences between us and the rich is the rich learned to save money properly. Like I said, they didn’t do anything crazy in order to save. A lot of times saving money can come from:

  • Cutting off subscriptions, or certain items you normally buy, but don’t need.
  • Monitor spending habits and finding solutions to fix those problems.
  • Putting a budget together and committing to it.

These simple tips are outlined in Sticky Vacuums post above, however taking action now on these can be to your benefit. Money problems stem from how we spend our money, so if you change how you spend, you’re halfway there. From there it’s learning to save and that’s a matter of investing in financial instruments.

One of the many differences between us and the rich is the rich learned to save money properly.

Money Isn’t Evil Or Scarce And The Rich Aren’t Greedy People

The second thing to keep mind is our perception of money as well as the wealthy. Growing up, you can hear sayings like

“money is the root of all evil” and

“money doesn’t grow on trees”.

What this does for us is that it tells us money is a precious resource that’s limited. With this money mindset it can lead you to think the rich are greedy and don’t want to share. That makes them “evil”.

That sort of thought process is hypocritical when you think about it. If you think money is scarce and corporations are greedy people then why are so many people shopping at Wal-Mart? Why are people spending a lot of money on cars and other big ticket items to those large industries?

By all means some wealthy people do fit that description mentioned above. There are greedy and terrible CEOs and wealthy people. But there are also greedy and terrible poor and average people too. It hurts to say that, but wealth isn’t a determination of the quality of the person. But instead of complaining about terrible people and money, start changing how you think about money.

Our perception of money shifts based on how we view it. If we live a life of scarcity, we play up the notion that our money is precious and want to avoid large priced items.

What we also determine is our own sense of self worth. One of the main factors for our self worth is how much money we have. Although it’s not a great way to measure ourselves, it’s easy to slip into that, especially when you combine it with spending. It’s for this reason the homeless beg for change and don’t aspire to improve their situation. There’s certainly outliers, but most remain in hard situations and continue to go through the motions.

So when you change your mindset, you’ll better approach your money problems and find solutions. Looking over my life it took me two years to crawl out. I was complaining a lot of the time about my lack of money. I had some serious money problems. However I overcame them by putting my energy into action. Committing to methods that can generate an income.

Change your mindset, and you'll start to find money solutions.

Money Problems Go Away When You Learn

The last thing about money is the fact very few people know much about it, let alone use it effectively. People can understand saving money here and there. But it doesn’t change the fact many people are spouting assumptions about money when most are financially illiterate.

I’ve talked before about debt and credit cards and a lot of people don’t seem to know how to use them properly. Instead they misuse it, rack up debt that they struggle to pay off, complain that the company and money is “evil”, and don’t bother seeking assistance. They don’t even realize that the situation that they are in and complaining about is all because of them.

That major determining factor can be boiled down to people refusing to learn about money, claiming that it’s a “boring subject”. Yet at the same time, when you learn about the finance world, how to budget, and use money properly, you can avoid many of the potholes that so many people fall into due to ignorance.

So do yourself a favour and read up on it a little bit. You don’t need to go to the extreme and learn advance finance stuff. But knowing the basics of a budget alone can help significantly.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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