Week 23 #BetterMeNow

Here’s some advice: stop buying your excuses. I know that I have a tendency to drag my feet along particular things in my life. Ever since I devoted time and energy towards getting healthier, it has been a process for me.

Whenever you make a change in your life, it feels like you are one step away from making an excuse and throwing the idea away. Some people refuse to work out because it’s too tough or they can’t get up early enough to do it. I get that.

But we need to put a stop to it. And I’ve figured out an interesting approach to it and have started to apply it into my own life. This in turn can help you grow into someone confident and stronger than your excuses.

Stop Buying Your Excuses

If you haven’t seen my latest video on Youtube, I talked extensively about excuses and how to overcome them. Well, some of the stuff I said, I started to apply that into my own life. For those who haven’t seen it, here it is:

But one of the big things that I was talking about was a quote by George Washington. This quote has given me some perspective on how to overcome excuses. I’m not saying that it’ll be super simple now, but this quote puts things further into perspective.

“Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.”

For as long as I can remember I have never put an excuse into the context of a habit. But as soon as I did it started to make sense how we can stop buying our excuses and start growing. That’s the truly amazing thing by the way.

I know that it’s not something ground breaking, after all George Washington discovered this so long ago. But this is still a rather unique approach as I’ve often told people excuses are simply you feeding yourself bullshit. You could either feed yourself that or redeem yourself.

Digging Deeper

There’s also the context of making excuses still being a resistance to change. This was also something I discussed in the Friday video as well. Even though many people are open to change, a lot of people can say that. I know for myself I am one of those people. I’ve always said I’m flexible with change. Yet I put up excuses when things get hard.

A lot of people are like this, however the big difference now is I know better now. I also realize it’s “just another habit”, specifically that it can be broken. This is big because I feel that a lot of people see excuses are impossible to get away from. They plague us and we have to deal with them, only for them to come back.

But with these two things in mind, I believe we can develop a habit to replace it. It’s not a matter of force, which I feel was my approach to this situation. Instead you need to stop buying your excuses and develop a habit around that.

The Truly Amazing Thing That Happens

As soon as you stop buying your excuses you are able to follow through with so many things. This week I was able to work out more than I did before. I created a specific schedule for myself to follow and it started with me exercising as soon as I get up.

This is powerful for me as my body is still booting up and the exercising is a good kickstart to the whole day. I’m still struggling to get my walking in, but overall things are looking better for me since I started this. I believe things will only start getting better. This too can happen for you when you stop buying your excuses, create an effective plan and follow through with it.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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