Not all habits are created equal – some are going to be easier to integrate into your life, while others will take time and determination. The tips shared below will help give you the foundation needed to form solid habits.

1. Plan Out Your Day Ahead of Time

When you wake up in the morning, it can be tempting to move slowly and ease into the day ahead of you. Doing this can actually set you up for an unproductive day, especially if you don’t have a basic game plan for what you want to accomplish that day. Your day should really start the night before by planning out every detail from what you’re going to do to what you’ll wear.

If your goal is to get in an exercise first thing in the morning, prepare the essentials before you go to bed. Lay out everything – your leggings, socks, and even your supportive, full coverage sports bra so you can wake up and make it to your early morning HITT session. The less decisions you have to make in the morning, the easier it will be to just get up and do what you set out to do.

2. Start Slow

When coming up with a list of good habits you want to form, one of the biggest mistakes you can do is to try to implement them all at once. This can quickly become overwhelming and can cause you to want to stop building all of the habits. 

Instead, pick one or two things you want to improve, and focus on those. Once those habits are formed, move on to another one. By slowly introducing them into your lifestyle, they will feel more natural and it won’t seem as if you are completely disrupting your current process.

3. Create a Suitable Environment

Distractions are everywhere and most of the time, especially in the beginning, you might feel a strong urge to give in to your impulses. Sometimes you’re driven to do things just because it’s right in front of you. Create a suitable environment by removing as many distractions that you know will be hard to resist.

Be it food, entertainment, gadgets, or cash, make sure you’re setting up your space for success. Arrange things in a manner that your guilty pleasures will be hard to reach. This prevents you from driving into a downward spiral of bad habits.

4. Go Public About Your Goals

Being secretive about the changes that you want to implement will only lead you to make excuses to yourself without consequence. When it’s only you that knows you didn’t follow through with a habit, it’s easily forgettable. On the other hand, when you involve other people, that’s when you start to feel more accountable.

Social media is a great way to make your goals public. In doing so, you might find other friends or followers that are trying to achieve similar goals, and you can support one another in the process. If going social is not your preference, share your goals with close friends and family. They’re also the ones who you can rely on to call you out if you’re not delivering on your word.

5. Surround Yourself with Supportive People

Adding on to the previous point, letting only the closest people to you know about your plans of building good habits will immediately get you supporters. Following through with your habits is more motivating when you’re surrounded by people who believe you can do it and even help you achieve it.

We have a natural tendency to lean towards the negative aspects of things. One mishap could make you dismiss the whole effort. Surrounding yourself with people that will keep you going despite the failures is an important ingredient to success.


They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Add in plans, purpose, appropriate environment, accountability, and supporters as the five things you need to build a good one. These aspects will help you be consistent with it until such time that these new habits become natural.

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