Have you ever gone through a rough workout week? Maybe you have, but I certainly did. Let me add some context to it.

Recently I’ve decided to take a six week challenge that I believe will change my life and grow me into a more healthier version of myself. I’ve been struggling for several years and this is the first opportunity I have to really make a difference.

But this rough workout week I had I mainly put onto myself. It started with the fact that I missed last Saturday’s class. While it’s typical for people to miss classes, the thing with this challenge is there is a minimum amount of times you need to go to the gym. In this case I need to show up 3 times each week.

It’s either I miss a class or I make up for it by taking more classes the next week.

Yep. I had to take four classes this week due to me not showing up. Mind you it wasn’t sheer laziness. Merely some weird circumstances.

Paired with the fact that it’s started to snow here and that I walk everywhere and you have a recipe of disaster.

So yeah, I had a rough workout week. But I’ve come out stronger and realized a few things too.

How To Get Through A Rough Workout Week

Be Grateful For Things

Early this week my father gave me one of the parkas he gets from work. I was fortunate to have this as the next day it was a particularly cold day with blowing snow.

My mother also recommended that I take a bath on Saturday which I did and it felt amazing. I’m not much of a bath guy because our tub is so small and I’m standing at 5’8. Still, the suggestion was welcomed.

If that’s not enough, I also got a chance to get a ride back home and in some cases a drive into town.

At the end of the day, what gets you through a rough workout week is the good things that happened that week. Taking the time to recognize those moments and to express some level of gratitude for them.

I have to say taking that bath felt like a nice wrap up for this week of working out. And speaking of working out…

Lunch Sat Nov 17

Reflect On Your Achievements

I weighed in at the gym after my workout and saw my weight read 209. Based on my starting weight, I’ve already dropped 10 pounds (last week was 6)! That’s right at the half-way point for me for this challenge.

And I’m just now getting into the 3rd week.

On top of that, I attended a class I didn’t participate in last week. This one focused primarily on your legs (aka leg day). I thought I’d handle it pretty well considering I have some pretty strong legs.

But I was so wrong.

Even though I was proven wrong, I continued to work on my legs until my legs started to cramp up on me. I’m still paying for it now as they are stiff as hell. But I still feel pretty proud about it.

It’s moments like these that can make you get through the pain. Even as I’ve been limping literally everywhere for the past few days, it’s a bit of a reminder of what I’ve gone through. It’s something that I’m happy I’ve gone through.

On top of that, I managed to get through four workouts this week and make it out in relatively good shape. It’s been good enough that it got me thinking about sticking with 4 work out sessions per week rather than 3. 

I’ll just take a breather on leg day.

Anyway, my point is, getting through a rough workout week is an achievement in of itself. Furthermore looking back at some of the incredible things you’ve done is significant too. It feeds back into positive thinking, which you certainly want if you’re pursuing something.

Have Great Food

Breakfast Sat Nov 17

While I didn’t come prepared to make meals and often opted for Subway salads for lunch, there were still some meals that I made this week that I looked forward to.

Some where some basic dishes like egg whites, spinach and an apple.

Others I was a bit fancy and got some kale, ground beef, onions and pepper.

These were great foods because it mixed things up a little bit for me this week and broke up some of the repetitive dishes I had.

For many of us our days can blend all together especially when we have the same meals constantly. There of course needs to be variety and that’s what I’ve come to appreciate with this specific meal plan I have.

On top of that, it’s helping me to drop this much weight in such a short time span.

Anyway, having some good meals to look forward to can add some more incentives. It’s these small things that allow you to take your days in stride. Especially when you are going through something as physically brutal in my case.

Supper Fri Nov 16

Overcome A Rough Workout Week

As you can probably figure out by these suggestions, these all have a theme.

Paying attention to the little things in our lives.

For sure these tiny details can be overlooked as mere parts of your day. However, I believe that in situations like what I’m in, these things are needed.

They help you to stay committed and to help you realize what you really value.

It’s situations like these where you have to face yourself and set aside a lot of the things you might’ve said or thought in the past. For me, this forced me to make a committment.

Some people can’t take something like this all that well and pair it up with having a rough workout week or multiple ones can crush someone’s momentum.

So having something small like this can go a long way and allow you to keep pushing. Paired with working through the pain as I discovered and wrote about here.

These revelations are something that I’ll use moving forward for sure and I hope you will too.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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