I’ll be honest with you that the past few weeks I’ve been focusing on maintaining my weight. While these past few weeks have helped me to realize a number of things, I’ve started to notice I’m not making a lot of progress in my weight loss.

At the time of writing this I’m currently hovering around 200 lbs, one pound higher than where I was at at the end of the 6 week challenge. And despite my strategies that I’ve been talking about, things aren’t changing that much.

Of course I still want to improve and grow myself and I believe those strategies will help. However from the looks of things, I’ll be focusing on maintaining my weight for a few months time around as opposed to losing it. And here is why.

Focusing On Maintaining

It’s Easier To Develop The Habits

I’ve said before it’s key to understand what sort of lifestyle you need in order to gain weight, lose weight and maintain weight.

But it’s another thing to follow the habits behind achieving those things as well.

Maintaining my weight doesn’t mean I’m sitting around doing nothing. That’s what’ll force me to gain weight. Instead I still need to balance my foods, eat properly, and stay relatively active as well.

But developing those habits are going to be easier to fall into mainly because of one thing: I’m not pressuring myself.

It’s easy for us to get into a panic state whenever we’re not making progress or noticing much of a difference in our figure. It’s through that where we begin to get in our head and stop striving to change.

If I embrace the fact I’m focusing on maintaining my weight, it’ll be easier for me to get into the mindset that I’m looking to maintain rather than lose. At least for the time being.

My Options Of Exercising Are Limited

I also feel that the exercises that I have available to me is limited. Most is probably due to my lack of knowledge of outdoor activities but I feel that the winter months don’t provide much room to exercise. There is also the colder temperatures too. And now that we’re in February, things will only get colder.

I’m familiar with some exercises, but I also lack equipment to do the activities. Furthermore where I live is less than desirable to do those activities. On top of that, a lot of these activities like skiing, sledding, skating, or snowshoeing are more fun when you’re with other people.

Because of these factors, I feel that my exercising is limited to walking around the neighbourhood or into town as well as any type of exercise I can do in the comfort of my room. There’s certainly a lot, but I feel that the results aren’t as explosive as say going to a gym.

And for the record I do plan on returning to the gym where I took my 6 week challenge. Right now though isn’t ideal because I have to sink a lot of time but also a lot of money. Paired with my limited finances, it’s a bit tricky to justify going back right now. But I’ve got confidence I’ll be back soon. In January I got paid close to $800 which means if I can keep up the consistency then I’ll be looking a lot better financially.

Either way, I feel that I’ll be getting better and more explosive results once I get to a gym and stick to it. Not to mention warmer temperatures too.

It’s during this lull where I feel it’s better for me to focus on maintaining.

Focusing On Maintaining

It’s these two reasons that I feel focusing on maintaining right now is a smart idea. I remind myself that I’ve given myself a whole year to drop 25 pounds. Since there are 52 weeks in a year, I’ve got to lose essentially one pound every two weeks. And while I haven’t been keeping to that curve, I think focusing on maintaining now will help me to lose weight once the warmer months hit. Again, I am building habits that I can use in the future.

Once spring rolls around I’ll be biking again. I’ll also be able to get into jogging as well as badminton. And I’m sure by then my finances will be a lot better so I’ll be more capable of going to a gym too.

All I’ve got to do now is wait and maintain.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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