What makes you really want to do what you do? What compels you to do what you want to achieve in your life? Is it a good reason? If it is, why haven’t you achieved it yet?

These where some of the questions that I asked myself after I had a pep-talk with my mentor. She’s a fantastic woman and has helped me a lot on the business side of my life. But the pep-talk we had the other day was more of a focus on my business, and conversely, on my health.

This too can help you in massive ways on growing yourself, figuring out your direction, and building confidence.

Focus On What You Really Want

Focusing I realize is a simple concept on paper, but time and time again, it’s proven harder. We have so many distractions, but also many desires. I needed that pep-talk for myself because as much as I enjoy pursuing personal development, my scope is pretty broad. Even “the positive life” is pretty vague in what exactly I provide or aim to achieve.

So take the time to ask yourself those questions I mentioned above. I realized: as much as I am focusing on my business, I’m not focusing on what I really want. As a result, my success has stifled.

By all means I’m grateful for the audience that I’ve grown. But to achieve larger success is to focus intensely on what you want to achieve and only that. If you are looking to improve your health or grow your business you can’t just run with it and see where it goes.

If you desire success and growth from it, narrow your scope to specific activities. What’s important to realize in those instances is that even though your brand and image will be known for that, you can still diversify. I realized that was my case. I want to be known for a variety of things. But until I focus on one specific thing, it’s difficult for people to gather around my content.

The same is the case for improving my health. I must focus on specific activities and not much else.

What A Better Me Now Is

#BetterMeNow was created on the premise that people will feel encouraged to achieve their goals. So let me ask you: where are you at with your goals? Leave a comment down below on it. What exactly is holding you back from the success that you desire in that area?

#BetterMeNow is something that I want people to rally around and boost their confidence. As much as we are all pursuing different goals and desires, we’re all in the same boat relatively speaking. We are all people who desire to be better and know that there is better stuff out there.

My goal with this movement is to get people moving on what they really want. So take the time to focus and ask yourself your why again. But also add one more question: What specific activity must I do every day to achieve this?

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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