In case you feel like you are trapped in a situation, and can’t see a way out, you will have to find a way of focusing on something helpful, before you would get too focused on your problems. There are several useful distraction techniques and self-help methods that can help you get clarity back to your life, and solve your issues that seemed impossible to sort out before. Find a list of things you can do now to improve your life.

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Talk to Friends and Family

Instead of focusing on what makes you sad, you should think about what makes you happy and content. If you haven’t spoken to your friends for a while, and would like to catch up, you should find their contact details and arrange a meeting. If you don’t have friends or family members to talk to, check out all the party line numbers to find someone you can have a chat with.  Chances are that a good heart-to-heart will reveal that your problems are not that big, and other people are dealing with more serious issues. Simply changing your perspective will help get clarity back in your life.

Watch a Sad Movie

To take your mind off your negative thoughts, put your favorite sad movie on. If you don’t have one, try City of Angels, or the classic Blade Runner, and get stuck in the storyline. Alternatively, get a book out and spend some time away from reality, so you can put things in perspective after.

Write Down Your Thoughts

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When you don’t see a way out of your situation, writing down your thoughts and emotions can help. You will be able to make better, more rational decisions, and look at your situation as an outsider, instead of from the inside. Create a list of what you would like to change, and what you need to do to get there.

  1. Do Some Yoga

Yoga has several health benefits, and will help you stay focused on the solution, and not the problem. You can combine it with a more rigorous exercise, and increase your mood instantly. Find a yoga class in your area, and meet new people. This will help you stop focusing on your problems, and give you motivation to better yourself. Meditation after yoga can help you sort through your emotions and thoughts, too.

Go for a Jog

Exercise is known for improving your mood, not only your general health and wellbeing. When you go for a jog, you can benefit from fresh air, increased oxygen flow in your brain, and a change of scenery. Jogging for just half an hour a day is a good routine to introduce when you need to clear your mind from unhelpful emotions.

Whether you are dealing with emotional issues, or would like to solve urgent problems and cannot see clearly, you can use the above methods to get some clarity. Exercise, meditation, and taking a step back will help you get a new perspective and make better decisions.


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