Saying it’s a scam is an excuse and does nothing to solve the problem.

“It’s a scam.”

Depending on the industry that you are involved in, you’ll hear those lines at varying degrees. As a network marketer, this was a common thing and also the bane of any newcomer to try and get over this hurdle.

You might also hear it being dropped more frequently if you are looking at work-from-home opportunities. And no doubt with certain faucets of cryptocurrency, from ways to making them or investing in them.

Don’t get me wrong here, there are many scams out there. As long as we strive to make money, there will always be someone out there conning people.

But the phrase “it’s a scam” I believe needs to be limited for a few reasons. The biggest ones I aim to prove are two things:

  • Saying it’s a scam is an excuse to not invest or participate. You come off as a coward.
  • Furthermore it also does nothing to solve the problem. It actually makes it worse.

Here’s my reasons.

It Shows A Lack Of Research

There are scams everywhere, but there is a distinct way to tell the difference between them. Of course many websites have written plenty of articles that talk about the basics.

Things like if they are pressuring you to act quickly or out of fear, money is involved somehow, and so on.

Those are easy to spot and people can with confidence detect them. However one behaviour with scammers is they often times go through creating multiple scams.

It can get to the point where they can put together a really good front eventually.

They can be so deceptive that you need to read the fine print to really notice anything.

Saying it’s a scam is a gut instinct, but sticking to it firmly means you could be missing out on something. Not everything is a scam and saying it is can bar you from an opportunity that could change your life around for the better.

It’s worth doing your homework and looking into other peoples perspectives and what the official site has to offer.

Also note that there is a difference between a poor money making opportunity and a scam. Poor money making opportunities are legit, but they aren’t viable for financial freedom. Some examples of these are EPS (e-mail processing systems) opportunities, opportunities where you make pennies for checking websites or watching advertisements, etc.

Research is important, but it also shifts your mindset to look at things as legit opportunities. It’s ensuring that if it is legit that you are also the right fit for it. There are hundreds of opportunities out there from network marketing and work-from-home, but it’s finding the one you value if that’s the route you wish to take.

It’s A Lack Of Reasoning

To tack onto research, you’re able to find actual legitimate reasons to not invest in something. Again you want to make sure that an opportunity is the right fit for you. There was an opportunity I discovered a few years ago and actually took it seriously.

In the end, I rejected it and even said it was a scam. Though some people argued with me on that, one thing is certain, the opportunity wasn’t for me. It was too sketchy and there were several inconsistencies that were offsetting.

Even as I am typing this, this particular site has been shut down for several months now, telling me that it was a scam.

However as much as people could say “It’s a scam” I think that it’s important to find more than that.

Much like the concept of the boy throwing stones into the river looking for the philosophers stone, it can become almost instinct to reject everything in the name of “it’s a scam.”

It shows a lack of reasoning because you’re not doing research and you’re not learning anything. Again saying it’s a scam is an excuse. It’s a gut instinct that prompts you  from doing any research.

I feel it’s important to do that research, after all I became a writer all because I made a decision to join a network marketing company AFTER I did research on it.

It wasn’t the right fit for me, but I didn’t leave it empty handed.

My point is you could be missing out on a big revelation from a legit opportunity all because you think it’s a scam.

Don't miss opportunities to change your life. Do some research.

It’s An Empty Statement

“It’s a scam” reminds me of the story of the boy who called wolf. He did it so many times and was proven wrong every time. But as soon as it actually happened, no one listened to him.

Some people will gather to pay attention to you, but over time that number dwindles. Furthermore if all you are saying is “it’s a scam” without backing it up it’s not prompting change or action.

You can propose a solution, a solution you created or someone else did. I know several people who make a living that way. However if the solution isn’t quality and helps people, it makes you look bad and in the end your statements lose validity and are empty statements.

Anyone can say “it’s a scam” but only some people know the importance of providing solutions or at the very least providing some logic behind it.

Leaving simply at that statement is meaningless and empty.

You Could Miss Out On The Right Fit

There are many opportunities out there as I said before. There is no short supply of it. But as I was suggesting above, there are some opportunities that are the right fit for you. They could become the key to living your version of a positive life.

As such you can’t simply dismiss everything.

Yes another opportunity will arise, and though some people think that’s sideline thinking, I feel context is important. During the time I suggested that investment was a scam, I was called a sideline thinker. But what’s important to realize was I was looking at ways of making money.

I was looking for the right fit for me.

So it really depends on what you are searching for and what you want out of life. I feel I wasn’t a sideline thinker because I was looking at my options and weighing it’s validity. I ensured it fit with my values and direction.

So even though there are many options and we have many opportunities, it’s important to not reject them with the thought that more will come. Really dig into the opportunity, do the research. This is the one time to not listen to your gut first.

It Does Nothing But Waste Time

And finally saying “it’s a scam” is simply a waste of time on both peoples ends. When every event that happens in our lives can change us for better or for worse, I feel that calling something a scam is a waste of time.

You refuse to learn anything or gain very little from the conversation or the experience and simply dismiss it.

I understand that not every opportunity is going to be the right fit, but even in those cases you train yourself to look into it. You train yourself to develop your brain a little more to doing research.

Those are helpful skills, to see something at face value and it can be tricky. Like I said, scammers are getting smarter.

So do some research.

Try this

Don’t be quick to dismiss something this year. Train yourself to look at things at face value. Even if it’s not the right fit for you, you can learn something.

I believe we can learn from every experience when we search for it. But when we reject and put up the stance of not changing by saying “it’s a scam” that window narrows to the point that you gain nothing but a huge waste of your time and energy and change nothing in the end.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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