My first week on a meal plan has come to a close and as I have reflected on it, there are some up sides, and some lessons that I’ve learned. For one I’m excited to get into this because now that I know what meals I’m having in advance, I can take pictures and provide you all recipes as well.

Not that I couldn’t do that before, but a lot of the meals I had weren’t complex dishes. A lot of what I had was pre-made.

But before we get to that, I want to touch on the overall experience and what I’ve learned and what I could build on.

First Week On A Meal Plan

Overview & What I Can Build On

As a whole, following the meal plan was a bit tricky for me. Even though I’ve got more free time, I’ve actually been using more of that time to do more work. The reason why I’m doing that will all make sense. However, I will say it’s to do with the shift in categories on the site.

Anyway because of that, I didn’t get the chance to make most of the dishes that I planned to be making. The only one I managed to make in my first week on a meal plan was the Denver Omelette Salad – a breakfast dish.

It consists of cooked green pepper and onions, raw tomato and spinach, and two fried (or over easy) eggs. There is also ham for protein but since I don’t do ham, I’ve got chicken. No dressing though you could use the egg yolk as a dressing.

Denver Omelette Salad

After a few days, I grew tired of it and decided to make some variations to it. Instead of over-easy, I went for scrambled eggs. I also added a vinaigrette which consists of crushed garlic, apple cider vinegar and olive oil. 

My alternate Denver Omelette Salad

For lunches, they served more as snacks which are normally a mixture of fruits and veggies.

As for suppers, this is a sore spot for me as I find a lot of the meals that I have aren’t incorporating my meal plans. In fact a lot of hinges on whatever my parents are having that night. Some of those dishes aren’t too bad but some look more like this.

Overall I’ve been sticking to my meals to some degree, which is a step forward for me. However the main issue is honestly sticking with my suppers. On top of that, I still find my exercising to be rather sparse as I’ve been more focused on my work. Over the past two weeks, I’ve been out for a walk or a bike ride 6 times.

An idea of a typical meal at my parents place. Not bad, but could be better.

Furthermore, I’d like to make some modifications to my lunch times as I find at times I eat cheese and pepperoni which aren’t always the healthiest choices in terms of losing weight.

Those particular areas are areas that I can build on and these changes aren’t that drastic. To fix them it’s a matter of finding alternatives for those particular foods as well as dedicating time to actually be cooking and storing particular dishes. Next week will be a lot better for that.

Lessons Learned

One of the biggest things that I learned from my first week on a meal plan is I need to be on my toes creatively speaking. Cooking is an undervalued skill, but it can do you a lot of wonders when you leverage it.

Even the most basic of dishes can be creative. From adding a healthy dressing or cooking something a bit differently, this variety can help stay interested in cooking. Furthermore if you are new to cooking, I’ll be focusing on making simple dishes quickly. While I have several years of cooking under my belt, I want to be easing back into it by doing simple dishes and add some variation to it to keep things fresh for me and for you guys too.

This is a huge lesson learned for me because it’ll make persuading myself to cook a lot easier.

First Week On A Meal Plan

For my first week on a meal plan it wasn’t a total disaster. For sure things can be improved. I need to get back to exercising more, and I need to cook meals in advance as well. But I’m also hopeful for the future for this.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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