How To Find A Powerful Purpose: The Big Picture Why

Are you having trouble with staying motivated? Feeling like half way through the week you’re not sure why you’re doing something? Then stick around as I think this might help you out. The solution is simple: have a big picture why.

My accountability partner Nikhil has had some issues with motivation the past few weeks. When we talk about our goals he’s had situations where he dedicated most of his time to one particular goal. He struggles a lot with it, however last week for me I found a deeper purpose.

I Discovered My Big Picture Why

Let me explain what it is.

When it comes to setting goals or achieving them, Charles Duhigg explains a powerful method to do that. He mentions in his book Smarter, Faster, Better that by stating a why you are more likely to succeed. The reason that works is when you are asked “why” people usually provide a deeper response. As a human being we don’t set goals just because we can. We set specific goals for specific reasons.

That is why I believe a big picture why can really help. Instead of asking yourself why to each goal, you’re asking “why” to all the goals you just set in general. Mind you setting an individual why helps out a lot, but this method is good for a reason.

It Allows You To Leverage Yourself

That big picture why that you set is a point of leverage. What I mean by this is you can use that as a means of motivating yourself further. For example, my big picture why is to move out of my parents place. I have a strong desire to live independently and on my own terms doing what I enjoy.

My goals overall encompass that desire. Though they are small, they are growth oriented, and very impactful. Because of that, I tell myself that every goal that I accomplish will bring me closer to what I want to achieve in my own life. By finishing that list of goals or even getting considerably close to accomplishing it, I feel like I made a big step towards that dream.

In a sense, it’s like the law of attraction. I have a desire and because I’m taking action and believe in myself I will achieve it some day.

Side note: Speaking of which, I’m also talking about the subject all week long on Medium.

I Believe This Tactic Can Work For You

When you have a strong belief in something and tie it with a reason, you’ll have better odds of success. But through attaching a larger reason, you will be able to self motivate yourself more effectively. Try it out and let me know what you think!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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